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✨Melisa Ramirez✨  SC: melisa_cx01 ~CHS’20❤️💙~

Just wanted to take a moment to appreciate my bootyful bestfriend❤️ I’m so thankful to have you in my life you are such a smart beautiful and talented person I couldn’t ask for anything better than you❤️you make me smile when I’m sad you make me mad when I’m happy😂 but most importantly your there for me when I need you and I’ll always be there when you need me...your always there when stupid boys break my heart and when I have to tell you good chisme❤️ one thing I really love about you if that even tho people try to break us apart we don’t let them los mandamos a la chingada😂❤️ your the only person I can tell everything to because you don’t go around telling the whole are such an amazing bestfriend at school everyone would tell me that I couldn’t do it but your were there to support me❤️❤️ you were the one who helped me get my shit together I went firm ditching everyday to have Fs to going to class everyday and having As and that’s all thanks to you❤️❤️ I just really want to thank you for eveything you have done for me for always being by my side and doing stupid things together we have so many memories and more to come because I have a feeling that this summer we will get to hang out more love you❤️❤️ thank you for just being such an amazing person never change❤️❤️ tu ya sabes que mi casa es tu casa te amo bestfriend😘😘😘 you mean the world to me😘😘 @ale19salgado




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