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I’ve been busy with other fun things this summer, but I did draw two portraits this month. Now I’m excited to share that I’m finally starting to write + illustrate my first book ☺️⭐️

Summer Solstice, mami

Didn’t get to post a Father’s Day pic yesterday. Thanks for making my life POV so cool and so dangerous old man 😅 You’ve almost accidentally killed me 100 times but you also make sure to tie me to the boat so I won’t float away. Life evens out

Feel good inc. 🦑

That’s the time I fall in love again

Nothing changed. Comfort level still a zillion

If you find a big enough lake it will feel like an ocean. First day out baby!!! And I didn’t even burn!

The smile is back

I was told to start taking more pictures

Leg day

Can you imagine that I do this every night

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