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When Gustave Courbet was exiled to Switzerland (after a being briefly imprisoned for his part in the Franco-Prussian war), he only painted fish with hooks in their mouth. Above is 'The Trout' (1871) and below is 'Woman with a Parrot' (1866). In the latter year, he also painted The Origin of the World, which is just phenomenal. 🐛 #Courbet

Today, I’m excited to show you one of the things I’m most proud of from my time with Facebook’s Designer in Residence program. (drumroll please) This is the Support Report, a book that focuses what it means to be a community and what support can do. I made this bad boy with @bijanberahimi. We sourced the content, developed the material, edited the book, and designed every inch (w/ help from Scott Boms, Drew Bennett, and Dana Martin throughout the whole thing). I’m really proud of it, and what we did so quickly. Over the next week or so, I’m gonna post about some of my favorite pages from it. Or you can head over to my website and see it all now. 🎈🐛👹

👹 This is my favorite thing that me and @jupescoops drew together on the tour. I love the free ones. 👹

Okay, that's enough summer for me. Bring back the gloom and rain please.

I just watched a video of Adam Sandler on the Price is Right from when he was promoting Happy Gilmore. It rules. And so does Bob Barker. I wanted to know more about Bobby, so I did a search for him. The first quote attributed to him is amazing and sort of ridiculous out of context: "Nothing gives me quite so much joy as when people tell me they've had their pets spayed or neutered." Of course, this is related to his famous sign-off at the end of every TPIR episode, but wouldn't it be fun to pretend he also just was a big fan of spaying and neutering (which is totally a good thing, ya know, so do that too if you have pets). Happy Friday everybody 🕺🏻🎈

Me and Jupe made it home. We undid the gone, got going, and made it back to sleep our own beds. There were many folks who opened their shops and homes to us along the way. So many. Too many. And without all these folks, the tour wouldn’t have been possible. If you were part of that: thank you. Bijan, Kate, Matt, Mike, Sean, Zoe, Abby, Sofie, Lynn, Steve, Luís, and everyone else that my brain fuzzed out of this list. It feels good having people look out for you, and that might have been the best gosh-dang-darn part of the whole trip—the people. New folks and seeing old friends, you all made it worth it. The honor was mine. Thanks everyone. And of course @jupescoops, you’re too good of a man. This whole trip was only excellent cause we were able to do it together. I think most people would surprised to know that you are a better person than you are an artist, and that’s saying a lot cause your art is sublime and wholly unsettling in it’s beauty. You rule, Jupe. Long live you.

The Bráulio Amado book is so beautiful (and sadly already sold out). Nice work @braulioamado. Make more please @stolenbooks ✨🎈

HQ rock finds on the beautiful Oregon coast. And the drive here might have even been the highlight. Every view is all Ooooos and Ahhhhs.

And that's a wrap folks. Thanks for coming out today @nickmatsass. If anyone is looking for the best vegan mac n cheese, me and Jupe found it at Cafe Pettirosso. Now, we're sitting on the bench next to Kurt Cobain's house. What should we do next in Seattle? We've only got a few hours. Is there a cool old spot with a view where I can get a martini?

Hi Seattle, we're here and ready to nap on your lawns. Come wake me and @jupescoops up. We have pretty objects and life advice ready at any moment. Next to 11th and Howell til 5 💙

Seattle! Me and @jupescoops are coming at you tomorrow from 3–5pm (a quickie) at Cal Anderson Park. Heads up: Jupe sold out of his book, but we've got everything else to fulfill your heart's desires. Prints, originals, pillows, paperweights, postcards, and all our lovin'. See ya tomorrow. 🐳🎈

💙 Perfect poster of 198 Methods of Non-Violent Action 💙

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