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A grip of images from a zine I made a few years ago. The cover had a small hand-drawn square on the cover. I think I should get back to more things like this.

Not a joke. Actual people will die because of Trump's shift away from the Affordable Healthcare Act. Imagine if in another world, Trump decided to use his power to remove the influence of pharmaceutical and insurance lobbying. Imagine if all of the benefits for his proposed health care cuts didn't go to people who make over 150k a year (but they do). Imagine if he didn't want to give 54 billion more to our military annually, which is already larger than the next twelve nations combined. Imagine.


One of the latest episodes of Tim Ferriss podcast is really nice. It's episode 223. He talks with with Krista Tippett about calming philosophies and handling people and understanding the world. If you're looking for something nice for the brain to swim in, I'd start with it.

Also: What are the Vegas odds on Trump never once denouncing hate crimes committed by white people?

So long as they die.

This is going to end really well.

I went to hear Paul Beatty talk at the downtown public library a couple days ago. He said a lot of nice things. First, he usually gets labeled as satire and he said he doesn't know what that means—but when he read somewhere that Nabokov's Lolita could be read as a satire, he started to be interested in the idea. Second, when considering his readers, he said he tries to "push everybody away but leave the door ajar." And then, lastly, he mentioned a line in one his books that I loved. It went something like: "His father was an autodidact, and there's no doubt he had the world's shittiest teacher."


Fall apart and come together. 💙

Remember to stretch a little bit today, folks.

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