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can’t believe I’ve been doing this photography thing for 3 years now, guess time flies when you’re shooting extra crispy bangerz amirite?

got my head in the clouds lately

downward dog ft my two favorite females

you don’t have to be sad to be heard

I used the hate the color green, still do, but I also used to.

I don’t understand why there is so much in-fighting in this little niche of photography that I’m in. What is it about vintage clothes, abandoned houses, and all the other stuff that’s my “vibe” that makes people act so confrontational, competitive, and just immature? I gotta wonder if other art scenes have artists supporting one another or if they are all just a bunch of catty in-fighting losers like us. Damn, we all gotta do better here. Stop being passive aggressive and just talk out your issues, and just be a better damn human to people who not only love the same hobby as you, but your tiny little niche part of it too. Y’all mad at each other for shit from years ago, don’t even remember why? Get over it. Hit each other up. Solve that shit. No room for unnecessary animosity. Make up and move on, explore some cool shit together. You know you like their photos anyways, that’s probably why you’re so mad in the first place

we don’t have to know; anyone at all

am I still allowed to post boys/editorial work or do I have to stick to my female in a bando thing? let me know, thnx

And I find still swimming through time, afraid some day I’ll reach the shore.

My complete preset collection is on sale until midnight tonight. If you haven’t picked it up yet, this is probably a good time. Here’s a photo from Jess and I’s only shoot this last week after almost a month off. We spent most of the week taking a break from our constant shooting, but we made up for our dry spot with an amazing new location, outfit, and concept. Still not sure if I want to give up bowling yet, though.

roller derby queen

Are old television sets the new bathtub? Find out next time on Dragonball Z.

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