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Like this for every time your cashier has told you “It’s a hot one out there, huh?” this summer☀️

“They used to call me Oreo in high school.”

I’ve been shooting with a lens wider than 85mm for the past few days and it’s been a pretty fun ride 🌸

Somebody told Jessica that she reminded them of a figure from a renaissance painting so we took it a little to heart.

Everybody always asks me what my obsession is with bathtubs, so I’ve decided to include some words about that in my book.

🐴 🏰⚔️

did you expect anything less?

i believe that lovers should be tied together, thrown into the ocean in the worst of weather


the hardest part of sharing so many previously unreleased images in this book is that I can’t share them with you guys yet🤐

“You sure are spineless for somebody who shoots so many backs” - an insult I wish somebody thought of to use against me

we are nowhere and it’s now

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