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Jeffy thomas  Storytelling illustrator & papercutter living in Philadelphia, dreaming & excited about life. Surrounded by love

We were just on a friends and family camping trip and one of my friends wore his @cuttinkstudio ‘No Love In Gun Violence’ tees. It is so awesome seeing my designs out in the world/wild instead of just on a rack or in packages.

#purple #tee #tshirt #design

Took some time to doodle on a skate deck. No end goal other than to have fun and get the 💡 flowing. **listening to the Indian chill playlist on Spotify**

A detail shot of a pattern I purposed to work for a friend’s wedding invite background. #pattern #circle #linework

Well, after all the excitement and nerves it’s all done. Once I got pen to canvas I was zoned in. Forgot about how nervous I was and just enjoyed the process. This is one for the books. Largest piece I’ve ever created. Thanks @sonnymandrake for having me do this.

#illustration #plywood #discernment #lighthouse #bulbs #ideas #linework #detail #handdrawn #roots #hand #palm #blackworknow #blackworkillustrations

‘Z’ for 🦓, and here ends this journey of the alphabet series.

Y. What’s been your favorite letter so far? Z coming soon...

‘X’ - a quicker piece but I like it. Also #creativesouth has my creative juices going.

‘w’ cfor why am I still up at 225 am?

Today afternoon is brought to you by the letter “V”

‘U’ are wonderful.

‘T’ this one took me a while and was challenging.

S for slush. Today is the day after a snow day which is slush day.

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