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Lizz  {It's Lizz Bitches}{Suicide}{Cuts}{burns}{Pierce The Veil}{We Came as Romans}{Of Mice & Men}{Don't know me don't judge me}{I'm here because of you}

Well...I guess today was okay? Class n' shit was the normal thing....but what I don't get is why are the teachers so judgemental? Why do they critize everything you do wrong? Why is everyone there so damn stupid? Well I wish I had those answers...! Anyway...I have to go to some stupid ass therapist...ugh #Fml~ Lizz

Ayee,it's time to go to hell now,aka School..... I can tell this is already gonna be a horrible day! ~Live it up baby don't look down~ Oh and p.s yes I'm in high school if you we're wondering. Peaceskies~Lizz

Well where do I start off? Yeah yeah I know what your think....she's just some chick that "Wants" attention.....Btw your wrong,If you don't know who I am,and you shouldn't either.Anyway...I'm Lizz, Almost 16 1/2, And well,I have depression and horrible social anxiety. I've cut my self burnt myself and almost commuted suicide four time....I'm not doing to for "attention" who would? I just wanna get out of this crule ass world... And if you really wanna get to know me DM me cause ill tell you,we'll ill be up for a while cause I got stupid homework...smh anyway Peaceskies✌~ Lizz

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