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Cute Parade  We sell handmade, cute items online & at events. Spreading the sparkly, the fuzzy & the most colorful accessories to express your style!

💖 Day 2 of #SacAnime is well underway! Come visit #CuteParade at table H11 in the artist alley for cute jewelry, plushies, and accessories 💖

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Anyone else like cute vintage toys? I love collecting and restoring cute toys from the 80's and 90's and one of my favorites are Magic Nursery Pets. I've yet to find one in the wild, but have really had them on my mind lately so I made a limited number of these cute and glittery 3" buttons to have at my table this weekend. You can find them at Artist Alley table H11 during SacAnime this weekend.

What's your favorite vintage toy?

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Cute Parade will be tabling at SacAnime summer this coming weekend! We will be at artist alley table H11 with all sorts of cute jewelry, accessories, and plushies. See you there!

#cuteparade #SacAnime #sacanimesummer #sacanimesummer2018 #sacanime2018

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've been preparing for my next convention, #SacAnime! Cute Parade will be at table H11 in the artist alley! Did you know that all our acrylic pins are handmade by us? Fun fact, each colorful sprinkle piece is carefully added in by hand one at a time. •

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I can't believe that it's almost been a week since AX started. Thank you to everyone who came by! You are all awesome and I hope you all had a good convention experience and got home safely ❤

I'm taking a few days off to recover from AX and will be putting things on Etsy soon. If there's anything you need right now, please feel free to send me a message either through here or Etsy and I will get back to you as soon as I can :) #thankyou #cuteparade #AnimeExpo #AnimeExpo2018 #ax2018

Day 2 of AX complete! If you're only attending Saturday and Sunday, no worries! We still have lots of jewelry, plushies, and accessories available! You can find the Cute Parade table in the artist alley located in Kentia Hall. We are table A09. See you tomorrow!

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I managed to make a batch of these just in time for Anime Expo! I intended to make some after I came back from Fanime, but I unfortunately got sick the week after I returned, and by the time I was well enough to work I had to put all my focus into preparing for AX T_T. I will have 3 of each color available at con. If you would like to purchase one I advise you to be quick since they sold out within the first hour at Fanime. You can find them at the Cute Parade table in the Artist Alley, table number A09 (see previous post for map). If you won't be attending AX, no worries, I will be listing them on Etsy at a later date.

#cuteparade #kawaiiaesthetic #kawaii #pastel #yumekawaii #AnimeExpo #handmade

It's that time of the year again! AX is coming up quick and I am up to my eyeballs convention preparation! I will be bringing lots of cute jewelry, accessories, and plushies (including a new plush charms design) however most items will be limited stock so if you see something you really like, it's better to snap it up sooner rather than later.

As usual artist alley will be located in Kentia Hall. You will be able to find the #CuteParade table in Row A, table number 09 (A09). It will be hot this weekend, so be sure to bring water, a fan, and sun protection. See you there! ❤

#AnimeExpo #AnimeExpo2018 #animeexpoartistalley #artistalley #kawaii #pastel #fairykei #yumekawaii #ax2018

Hello everyone!
I wanted to post to say thank you to everyone who came to visit #CuteParade at Fanime 2018! It was great meeting you all and talking with you. I hope that everyone had fun at Fanime and that you got home safe and without catching whatever cold was floating around by the end of the convention. Despite our best efforts we unfortunately were not :/ and it delayed me from getting back to work sooner. I will be getting to my messages tonight, I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but I hope you can understand. •

In other news we received a lot of positive feedback about our new pieces and are working to restock them as soon as possible for online release as well as our Anime Expo table! Would you like to see work in progress photos? I'm never really sure if I should post those here or keep them only in stories. What would you prefer?

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Sneak peek of a new necklace design I will have during Fanime. I will only have 1 of each color in stock. Come check them out at Cute Parade table ( number 1311 see previous post for map) in Fanime's artist alley this weekend. •
Fun fact about these:
All the colorful stars in the clouds are painted in by hand, and all the sparkly star glitter is carefully placed by hand as well.

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Hey everyone! CuteParade will be vending in Fanime's Artist Alley this weekend! We will be at table 1311 with all sorts of cute jewelry, accessories, and plush charms to choose from. Please come check us out!

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Sneak peek of fuzzy deco bows that will be for sale at the #CuteParade artist alley table during Fanime 2018. We will be at table number 1311!

#Fanime #fanime2018 #pastel #fairykei #yumekawaii #heart

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