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Quick update on me: I got the flu back in early February and lost a bunch of weight from not being able to eat or keep anything down long enough. Been pretty happy with my body lately, as I’m happily keeping up with it. Obviously this picture is from last weekend, and I’m still feelin’ good a month and a half later! #feelinglucky 🍀💚
P.s. all it did was pour down rain, so excuse my frizzy hair, messy face paint, and wet shirt 😂, this is the only mirror picture I have

Enjoying this camera quality❣️

just want y'all to know im still alive, just haven't been posting

G̶r̶o̶u̶p̶i̶e̶ Roomie Love 🌞

I took this pic on graduation day, exactly 2 months ago. Now I'm just 8 days away from going to college ☹


I think I'm numb, or maybe just happy

We're just beautiful people with beautiful problems

As clever as the devil and twice as pretty

Haven't beat my face in a while & this pic doesn't even do it justice 😛

Didn't need beach week because I've been spending my week with this "beach" ❣

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