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Daniel Cushman  Wearer of Plaid, Jack Russell owner, Photography fanboy, gadget geek, part time fitness freak and full time viking

When you're born a dog but identity as a unicorn/my little pony.
Poor dog lets Ivy do what ever to him.

Trying out some new locks.

Thank you and good night to the daddy of all zombie flicks

When your bald bearded brethren is a complete legend and hooks you up with the new limited edition Thing DVD from @arrowvideo

And then she goes and pulls this bullshit, I'm in two minds to wake her up and ask her if she wants to play.

Why is it that when ever your kid is tired they decide to turn into a complete dick and do the exact opposite of what you tell them? Thank the gods for coffee
4am "Ivy go back to bed"
"No daddy I want to play unitorns"
Hannah: "she's been like this since 2am, It's your turn I'm off to the spare bed"
"Uuuuuuunitorns daddy"
Hannah: "all you work shit is on the spare bed... I'm going to Ivy's bed"

8am "I want more bacon daddy"
"Ok but stop playing with that door or you'll catch your fingers"
"Daddy I trapped my fingers"
"Good one!" *swears at child under breath*

Parenthood... it's brilliant

Off to be an adult

It was bath and bed time. I just didn't realise that I was the one that was supposed to go bed

Making use of the cheap labour.

In this house we take playdough time seriously.

I'm done

Really looking forward to introducing Ivy to discworld, starting her with Tiffany and the witches not forgetting the Nac Mac Feegles

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