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Cush Lundy  actor singer writer artist rapper model marketing and promoting sales rep activist etc !

My nephew caught me running my jibs off guard lol !

In the 80ds and 90ds as well as the eary new millinium we used fight on sight we did not hide behind guns on God !

Cush Lundy aka Cuz Light Years the interdementional traveler on God ! Stay tuned into the frequrncy you all ready !

No Clouds in my stones Jay Z voice on God ! Stone Cold Us Never them Cuz!

Jay Electronica on deck you all ready Global Currency we on that wave 🌊!

My fathers mother my grandmother we get that Cheeokee Indian Blood from her isnt she beautiful currently in her 70ds still keeping it pushing salute to my Grandmother Molly muah bless up Queen your first grandson Cush Lundy !

One of my favorite Artists i grew up listening to on God its important to know what your listening to as a youngen seeking direction and something to relate to one thing i can say is that rappers we listened to as little youth had substance in thier music thats why we are still here they at least taught us how to move and to fucking think smh today i cant say thats the direction respected anymore but me i stick to my guns amd script that was effective and realistic on God salute to all the artists still looking to offer substance and knowlege and wisdom to the youth as well as the world on a whole because trust me music is extremely powerful as an influence so be mindfull that this shit shapes and molds peoples reality nuff said !

Young S.O.L Son Of Legend Cush Lundy the Urban Legend you all ready !

On my Ray Charles lol !

Just a young King Bossing Up outchere what else do you expect !

Cush Lundy and the BX own New York City throne Fat Joe aka Joey Crack i watched him and Big Pun Carry the Bronx on they back now i am watching my Gzzz do the same thing epic history we lived this shit you not a Killa you still learning how to walk from New York to Cali all my real niggas carry chalk you all ready Ohh Way salute !

Lateef Lundy Live Laugh Love Life is Art so get that paint brush going on the canvas and express your passion and creativity on God !

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