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Cusco USA  CUSCO Progressive Equipment. Tuning Automobiles based on research and development. www.cuscousainc.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CuscoUSA/


Fujitsubo Extractor for Datsun L6 240Z #VintageCar #NissanZ #datsun240z #fujitsuboexhaust #headers #CuscoRacing

Cusco still providing support for former hero’s of automotive history, vintage race cars and grassroots. #Motorsports #CuscoRally #CuscoRacing #CuscoSuspension #Rally

Cusco’s rally operations in Japan and Asia-Pacific are extensive. It is where we hone and prove designs, with real world testing. #cuscoRacing #CuscoRally

Cusco Sport-TNS Dual Adjustable Professional dampers #CuscoSuspension #CuscoRacing #CuscoRally #Toyota86 #ZN6

Cusco Caster/Camber Upper mount. #cuscosuspension #cuscoracing #toyota86 #zn6

Cusco Sport line monotube suspension systems. #cuscosuspension #cuscoracing

Cusco CHR with #Cusco #StreetZeroA #touring suspension. Comfort, Compliance, Longevity, style. #cuscoSuspension #vossen #nitto @vossen @nittotire @cuscousa @toyotausa #toyotaCHR

Cusco Touring 86. #Cusco #StreetZeroA Touring tuned suspension, long roads, comfort, endurance, longevity, compliance with style.
#vossen #NittoTire @nittotire @vossen @toyotausa #toyota86

Sad news for all the fans of Japanese automotive enthusiasts.
Kenichi Yamamoto, the co-founder of Mazda's Rotary Engine Development and father of all things that happened with Mazda's Rotary engines, has passed away. As the former CEO of Mazda, he was 95 years old.

From the start, trying to make an impossible engine design work with the perseverance of the original 47 project engineers, testing over 500 material prototypes for the apex seal, to the control of vibrations that haunted the experiments, to mass production for the Cosmo to the RX8, and the final challenge to put the firm's fate on a race, the victory of 24 Hours of LeMans... He was there, for five full dacades, guiding the process and the company, and hope for the City of Hiroshima, with his famous words,"Aku naki Cho Sen" translated as the Insatiable Challenge.
Thank you, for all the success, and an amazing machine that rewrote automotive history.

May he rest in peace.

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Concept behind the Cusco Sport TN-S

We’ve developed the Sport TN-R for exacting needs of the raceway, however, to enable more users to enjoy the precision, adaptability, and to cater to the aficionados of the best that Cusco has to offer, we have created the TN-S models. The TN-S uses longer stroke case and piston combinations to allow wider range of road use for the street, and damping and spring combinations to allow a more comfortable, compliant motion and less aggressive overall characters. As with all Cusco suspension systems, the TN Series too, undergo a very careful individually suited testing and parts configurations for each model, and we assure each system match not only the specific car, but also the stage in which they are intended to be used. • Strut configurations use inverted layout dampers and camber adjustable upper mounts for optimum rigidity and alignment precision at front. And rubber mounts for the rear to enhance compliance and allows use in wider range of surfaces.
• For avid and seasoned drivers who prefer professional level customizations and familiar with specific adjustment techniques even on road cars. For more user-friendly single adjust Cusco tuned system, see Cusco Sport-S systems.
• Highly tailored for drivers who compete on street performance tires with UTQG ratings of 200 and higher and cannot use racing compounds for regulations. For race tire compatibility, see TN-R spec coilover system.
• Optional CASTER/CAMBER front upper mounts are also available, as well as custom spring rates at the time of ordering.
• Twin-Needle Valve Adjustment separates the already excellent balance used on single adjust system of Sport S series, and caters to professionals with completely independent DUAL adjustment of low speed compression rate and rebound rates for critical level personal tuning.

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