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Curvyllama  🍕Ç h ï ç å g ø🍕 ✘Broadcaster ✘ Ex model ✘ Likes to make silly voices ✘Bookingcontact: 🌌🌠💙

Good afternoooooon🌞

This is actually my first sponsored post! Super exciting! These glasses are cute as hell and have a blue tint to help with screens and stuff.
Got these glasses from @diffeyewear !

#loveDIFF #DIFFeyewear 💙

Goin out. Last night in Vegas🌆📸
Have you ever visited Vegas? If so, where is your FAVORITE bar/restaurant everyone NEEDS to visit?

Sorry I've been MIA on here for a couple weeks- this cold limits me taking insta pics I guess heh. Enjoy this #throwback pic from brown haired me! :3

Got a question for ya- do you watch twitch? Do you know what twitch is? When I post about twitch are you interested? Just trying to collect data here for Twitch (my job) :) Have a great day, you beautiful fucks💙

Let's see who I'm banning today 😈😈😈Forgot to post this OOTD while I was in Mexico🇲🇽 tell me, have you traveled outside of America? If so, where!!

I'm short and I love leotards💃


Fortnite continues to make me lose faith in humanity with each random duo I come across like this 🤣

M'ladyyyyy🕴️ Havea rad day, y'all 🤠

In San Diego ATM. Such nice weather here... Brings be back to Tulum😫🌅 Question time: Where do you live?

Gotta go fast💙

Tried to re touch my hair to get some of the bleached spots out. I ended up running out of the pastel dye and this happened. Not too upset about it though. SANIC HAIR IS BACK, BABYEE 💙

Insta VS real life
Don't get down on yourself cause you think people live or look they way they do on Instagram or Twitter. People only show you the best version of themselves on social media. Including me! Everyone's got good angles/poses, etc. At the end of the day we're all fleshy blood bags filled with bones and organs hehe. It's a weird world we live in. 🌸✌️

This has always been my favorite pose. Even back when I modeled, I always felt sexiest doing this one. I feel long and strong💪

Can't wait to come back to Mexico 💙 have a good day :)

"Mommmmmm. Take it off!"
I missed this boy too much😍🐶

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