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Laurie Marie  Midwest girl with a California Soul, lover of all things cute. 💕 Business Mindset Coach 📷 Love + Beauty 🦄 Brand Wizard 👇🏻 Intuitive Bad-assery 🔮✨📿

Soul growth is a constant journey of peeling back the layers to who your meant to be. Our souls sit back patiently waiting for us to slow down enough, get quite and listen to where it's guiding us. When we are constantly distracted we can no longer here the calling of our hearts desires. Practice spending time in silence for a while and ask your soul what he or she needs. 💕

Learning to love myself has been the greatest gift I have ever gotten. It's given me a new appreciation for who I am, my body, the way I think, feel and process my emotions. It's been an amazing journey to the soul. I've peeled back the layers of who I was to become who I am today.

You are a force to be reckoned with, a goddess, a being of light! You were meant for greatness and if you're feeling anything but the powerful being you are practice becoming her! Each year I shed a layer of who I was and become more of who I was meant to be. You are doing the same! Shine on sister!

Learning to love yourself is a journey, a practice that over time becomes easier. There was a time that I hated my body and after stepping onto the path of loving myself one day lead me to a moment where I shed tears for how mean I was to myself. No matter where you are on your journey to self-love keep going! It's worth it and you are worth it! 📷 credit @rachrachelbuckleyweddings @thisthisinspiredlife

Feeling sexy starts from within. To feel pretty start loving yourself deeply then surround yourself with things that support how you want to feel. Put flowers in your room, beautiful linens in the bedroom, wear clothes that bring you joy and make you feel pretty, fill your home with yummy smells. Put yourself in an environment that supports how you wanna feel. So if you're still rock'n the granny panties and you wanna feel sexier-prettier, ditch the cotton and pick up something soft and beautiful 💕.

It could be the way her nose crinkles when she smiles or the way he looks at her. It could be the waves of love that friends and family beam at them both or how Grant surprised her with a kick ass rendition of Feeling Good by Micheal Buble at dinner ... whatever it is Deni and Grant are some of the most beautiful inside and out people I've had the pleasure to photograph. Congrats loves 💕

Inspiration comes in so many forms. For me I love finding inspiration in some of the most unlikely places. Like this image for example, found outside of The Fire in Appleton. There was a whole series of these hanging in the gallery window and I just adore them. I love the combinations of texture, design, color, illustration and message. What's inspired you lately?!

Happiness is a choice. It's a practice, changing thought patterns takes practice. Watching the words we use, the thoughts we think and the actions we take influence our overall happiness. Choose well 😉❤️!

This is one of my favorite little trees on my favorite beach next to my favorite animals 🐶... yes this makes me pretty happy. 💕

Coffee and this view! Enough said! 📷@rachelbuckleyweddings

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