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Jocelyn Chardón  • Pure + Clean Lifestyle. • m a g i c a l v i b e s 🔮 • Family is everything. • b o h o s o u l ॐ • beauty + health + life 🌿

•| you guys ready for an updated curly hair routine? -- thank goodness I switched a couple of things up; as in products & styling; because the results are the best, most defined & bouncy curls I've ever experienced! Let me know what else you guys want to see - I've recorded a ton of videos - just in the process of editing! Love youuuu 🌼

•| the sun watches what I do ; but the moon knows all of my secrets -- 🌚

•| Released the curls for Mother's Day ! Finally had time to tame this mane 🦁;

•| My daughter wanted to know what it's like to be a mom; so .... I woke her up at 2AM to let her know my sock came off - that settled that 😂. Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms out there. Keep doing what you're doing; even if you don't know what you're doing - you're still doing it right lol 🌸

•| today was & still is a great day; still recovering - so don't mind my eyebrows; I was dizzy trying to fill them in 🙄😂. Haha you guys be safe & have a beautiful night🦋

•| feel the energy from your crystals; & let it absorb the negative energy from you. My long lost best friend @dannysavge has an exquisite collection of these gems; show me your ways - 🌔; you've inspired me to start collecting and learning the power these beauties have🌿

•| To ensure a peaceful world for these precious human beings - I show them how loved & treasured they are. I empower my babies by encouraging them to be their authentic selves; to be kind - to be warriors. I treat them with unconditional love and respect; so that they in return, show only kindness around them. I love you. I could never stop loving you. You make my heart full - & the fact that you chose me & you admire me being your mother; I win. 🌼

•| how are you 'healing' today? Next couple of days, will consist of a lot of tea; & holistic medicine 🔮 ; & remember, act compassionately & love. Always love.

•| I have traveled through MADNESS to find me; & now I have realized I enjoy a simple life- uncomplicated; unmaterialistic; rich in experience. 🌙

•| Texture upon texture - so colorful & magical. Found my wild 🌿🌼 •• @justinablakeney you never cease to amaze me with your beautiful, vivid, boho, jungalow style 🌵

•| well hello curly locs; it's been a while! Giovanni direct leave in and Deva curls light defining gel paired together --- um life🙌🏽

•| hidden talents ; I painted this some years ago. I really have a strong connection with art - & love putting my insane; beautiful; chaotic ideas on a canvas. I'm slowly, but surely getting back into painting -- my go to is abstract & the human figure. Never named this piece --- any ideas? 🎨

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