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Curt Mega  🎭 Actor 💻 Writer 🎥 Director 🎬Creator 🎭Acting Coach/Instructor🎙Podcaster: Story Matters Podcast🍸Super-Spy/Once & Always a Warbler/Batman

I'm back. @storymatterspodcast season 2 recording begins today. Let's tell some stories, shall we? 🎙🎭🎬🎥 #podcast #podcasting #podcaster #storymatterspodcast #storymatters

Sunset Tides. 🎥🎬 Sometimes I forget how beautiful my home truly is. A quick trip to the beach after a work session, a camera in my hand and the sun setting = magic captured through the lens. #videooftheday #instavid #instavideo

Sometimes I forget that California has beaches. Turns out it does and they also need protecting from Gotham's worst criminals.

This is my serious storytelling face urging you to go check out some of the new perks on the @storymatterspodcast Patreon! Become a patron and get access to bonus episodes, weekly videos, group chats, hangouts, VIP access to guests, creative consulting for your creative projects and more! Link in bio! Patreon is an amazing way to support creators and the stories they tell. Check it out!
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Bored in a conference room. Why not travel through various dimensions of time, space and reality to keep myself entertained? What could possibly go wrong...? 🎥🎬

Wandering into the night, looking for a story to tell.

Writing short films #37 & #38 of the summer. So far it's only a blank doc... 😵 #screenwriting

A boy and his camera. Wrapping up short film #36 of the summer! 36 is kinda my fav number. 😀🎥 #makingmovies #writing #directing

Someone made out with my back. #physicaltherapy #hickies #cupping

Been thinking about/missing @bufferingseries a lot lately. Would give anything to wear this outfit again. 😂

Me pulling another all night writing session. 😲 #writing #screenwriting #makingmovies #screenplay #batman

Hello physical therapy, my old friend...

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