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'Pink' (Marker on Glossy card stock)

Third-hand smoke? Come on smokers and take it outside to a park or parking lot or empty field... or quit.

Vectorizeing one of my drawings with Inkscape 0.92 vector graphics software. Available @ or now @ the Microsoft Store for free! Yes this robust and flexible open source software is free.
This software is a must for those who can't afford Adobe Illustrator and easy enough to learn, plenty tutorials online.
What is Vector Graphics? Wikipedia has a good explanation. Basically it is non pixel bassed scalable graphics.

Sacramento Food Bank... Volunteer to give out food to "in-need' families?!? My day to play Robin Hood. All you who practice acts of food bassed charity; from volunteering @ foodbanks to feeding friends, keep it up!
God bless you, the food involved and the people eatting it!!

It's the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" Song.

Marker on Glossy Card stock. (9.5x15.5in.)

This is a nice one. Markers on Glossy Card Stock (11x17 in.)

3.5x5 in. Marker on Glossy Card stock.
Tweeking levels on all my scanned art. Nothing like a little production work to make yourself glad your not on a deadline.

Hmmm... Hanging out on the outlet.

Theotokos (6x8 in., Markers on Matt Board)

Here's another older drawing that hasn't been posted in a while. (11x17in. Markers (Sharpie) on Glossy Card Stock.
@uxcake (you might like this one.)

Here's one that hasn't been shown in a while. Doing production that is why you all see it on the screen. Done with markers on Glossy Card stock., Original size 11x17 in.

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