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Ben Lewis  How far the winged can fall

Bae is sleepy

My little Walter Boy enjoying the cool tile after a championship level training session chasing šŸŽ¾ #themostworriedmammal

Leaving the murder sheet down until we can paint the pieces for the second one, assemble, and finish. Like how this turned out, though.

Roughed in. Now to replicate and finish

If this is what we all meant by making America great again, I'm all for it. Damn the man. My bodega is better than your bodega.

Art heist. Mixed media. Unknown artist. 2017

This little mamma fell asleep with her glasses on #trexraar

What I should have said is something like "dos cabeza tacos Por favor. Un dos al pastor tacos Poe favor. Todo con todo." And they might of picked up my broken Spanish. Instead I did a very bad job ordering with a woman who's 100x on her English vs my Spanish and I ended up with 7 tacos. #notabadproblemtohave #gopats #alreadyateone

Neighborhood peacock

This seems like the closest I'm ever going to get to experiencing giving birth @littlemissbbq @zpuff

We built us a bed out of framing lumber. We were tired of sleeping on the mattress on the floor. Had some design constraints that meant we couldn't buy anything. $25 + the hardware and slats from our old IKEA full size.