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A Glimpse
In The Past
From the moment I started doing Memories pages, they quickly became one of my favorites to do. My previous ones are really different from that one, but still, I like them all. Even if it wasn't eventful or anything. If I breathed, I'll have stuff to write for sure
How do you end a month?

Last minute post
(Cause I know y'all love me and will miss me way too much on this not particular day right? Right?)
I didn't realize you guys liked this spread so much?? So quickly took a photo of the rest so that you can see how a weekend can be done that way
Hey, what about a fair trade? I'll answer any "How To" bullet journal related wether it's hiding/fixing a mistake or inserting more helpful stuff or really, any literal thing
🚩In exchange, i want your ideas on how to fill that blank space under my weekend?

First time I change my monthlies. 2 things I needed to solve :
🔺How can I know the date without having to go back to the monthly and not risk to miss appointments and stuff?
📎So I introduce you to my quick handmade bookmark calendar that will travel in every may's pages since I never think about going through previous pages
🔺How can I insert more than my few appointments in a monthly with taking too much place and keeping it fun and simple?
💡That's nothing new in fact, but that's just fitting. They grey squares are the week-end so I can easily situate weeks separately. Only put the date of each Mondays. Put French public holidays in yellow. Added the full and new moon with a little dot on the left. And added other world public holidays I wish I can be aware like Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Blame someone else Day, etc And there are also my medical appointments
Did you know that May is National Mental Health Awareness? Well, I guess I have an excuse if I want to talk bout those important stuff and be of any help right. So obv, if you're thinking about something you'd like me to share, I'll do it gladly.

Here's this week spread, trying to insert time ladders and a little truth or dare game in my days
Was going to write a long caption explaining you the hows and whys of time ladders if you wanted them for you but I felt asleep in the middle of the afternoon and just woke up. Time management's always been a bit odd for me as maybe i write to dos and have a bullet journal, but when it comes to hours in one day, it's not as neat
The division of time I'm trying for now is quite simple and can be really efficient when you want to make changes. 5 colours for : when outside, when being productive, when wasting my time, when my time is spent for my family/house, when I take a break (including meals) and I was thinking to add another colour for when I sleep/nap.

To the stars
Who listen --
And the dreams
That are answered
You must wonder what I tried to do on this page, on this whole photo actually. Well dear humans, I actually have no parcels of clue. I wanted something to sparkle to lift my mood that's all
You know what else I'm feeling like to share today? I am Downtown. Yup, I went out of my house, took the subway, and wander. Why does that matter? Because it's been ages since I haven't hanged around in the outside world, and I'm kinda glad I manage to do this.

Week's End
Photo gathering some favorites of mine :
▫️my comfiest sweaters
▫️the two books here are The Bell Jar by bb Plath and The Book of Disquiet by Pessoa dear (life changing books to me)
▫️dried lavender which I will always have near me, and holy basil i discovered in September and adore
▫️white sheets, keeping me warm anytime and helping my photos
▫️and my dear bullet journal, here in my ups and downs, forever helpful in silence
Q : Do you guys even wonder how some photos are taken? What's not shown outside the square of the instagram's photos? (For curious ones, i posted a #BTS in my story)

Here ❕
Look who's never able to settle with any layouts/spreads. But hey, I'll stop when I won't have access to the billions of inspos all around the world and the web anymore right? Oh and I posted a close up of the pens I used with the brands etc on my story for those who asked or wanna know
Q : I was wondering, do you guys read the tasks and stuff on people's photos of their bullet journal? Just wanna know who's as unhealthily curious as me.

I diasappeared,
I apologise;
Been completely off and out of everything. So the best thing is to take a pen and my journal and figure out :
HOW TO : Reset Life
Also wanted to thank you. All. Your little messages and comments are so heartwarming and you can't imagine how they help me feel better in those blurry times. If I can do anything, please come to me and don't hesitate 💌

Can you see all those letters? Yup, am working on that tutorial for my alphabet. Trying in fact
But I'm still so (so) tired from my previous days of taking care of everything but me. But it's just so hard to say no yk? Anyway ni more odd ranting. Please take care of yourselves and your own welfare
You should be Your priority ⚖️

I… tried, but not enough. Haven't had time nor peace aha. Even now I have to write a nonsensical caption because hurrying
Anyway! Ask me something about my journaling habits or whatever so that I'll know what to talk about in the next captions 📓

Happy (Easter) Day
Not egg hunting today, but still treating myself and bullet journaling in front of the tv (I'm having a Harry Potter movies marathon 🔮) but hey, I can make a pause and post something right? Jk I almost forgot and now I'm trying to hurry that's why this caption is just nonsense
I'll be announcing the chosen theme of week 16 tonight in my ig story. For those who missed the thing, I proposed four themes for everyone to choose and next week, every spread/collection or any journaling will insert anything related to the theme. You still want to choose?
☄️Sea world
☄️Skies and Seasons
☄️Dictionary of flowers
You can comment me your choice before tonight then. And obv everyone can join? Please join me guys. Promise it will be fun.

Remember the tiny version of this tracker? Here's the weekly one. Grey is for sleep. Blue for water intake. And yellow for those Spoons I told you about. I start the day estimating the number of spoons I feel I have. And everytime I feel my energy's being used for something, I put a grey mark. T'was awesome to realise the little energy I had was being drained so quickly. Well that tracker was fed very insightful
As for the blur of colours you see, it's basically my moods. It wasn't enough to colour only one square per day stating only one emotion 'cause well, as I suspected -and now know for sure- emotions are constantly changing. I'm not saying I feel every thing every time. But yk. So if you want to know which colour is what : blue is obvious, red is anger/annoyance, green is related to my home well being and productivity, grey is tiredness, and yellow/orangish is delights, joy etc
PS. Guys, I apologies I'm a bit off of instagram and stuff, been exhausted and busy as heck but I'll have some time tomorrow, and plenty of ideas to share. Plus I'll tell you the chosen theme tomorrow!!

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