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💔baby girl💔  💗Z'kaylene bsf💗 😲"this a game of cat and mouse and you gon bleed silent"🇲🇽 🌈:for myself, to myself, by myself😴

oml😔. bsf i havent seen you since yesterday and its really killing me😩. i try not to think about it but its not working😫. ft is not good enough, i need to see you in person💔. we did everything together😏. we took baths together😁. we slept together😄. we laughed together😂. we stole from the store together🙊. we got in trouble together💗. we got into fights together👊. we even got boyfriends together💙. you were there since i was 1💜. even tho we had our ups and downs, we gotta stay strong💪 because i wanna be there when you graduate🎓 . i wanna be there when you get married👰. i want you to be there when i have kids👣. i want to be there when when you break up with dj and you need someone to cry on💚(btw i need to tell u sum bout him). i want to be there when we both get old and have wheelchair fights💓. i want you to be there when we go to heaven👼. i know yuh want these things too buh that means we gotta stick together through thick and thin, no matter what💋. i know how your not feeling to well rn, but in 24 days, we will be on the cruise💞. dont think about it too much bsf😓, i miss you too. 💝Z'kaylene i freaking love you my poopie💩. gont forget that💟. happy birthdady my love💗💅~bsf

I love this girl 💖 a blessing your in my life. @k.i.t.t.a.n.a. ~momma


“Come here baby,lemme show you some love” 💗

She like my drip💦

@blasiian.shy i havent talked to yuh since yesterday buh luhh you💖

yall hoes be too funny tryna catch our dripp💖@k.i.t.t.a.n.a. daughter

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