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@ellamai ft. Curlybamm “Naked Remix”👀

I’m an 18 yr. old r&b artist from Philadelphia. I am currently looking for a female personal trainer. Age 18+. I am searching for a trainer because I have been diagnosed with #allieatisjunkfoodidis . I’m not fat but, I got to a point where my abs is gone. But like you gotta dig thru the fat to see em #blessup #damnbammiel #lemmemodel

@1mirrzy ya part was ass😂😂😂

This is ONLY @spotify ! My EP has only been out for #2months & I’m doing this as an #independentartist #MUSE
#NumbersDONTlie #milestone

Baby You Know I’m Bouta Be Famous💫

2:19 a.m.

If your reading this and you have been supporting me since before I even had REAL MUSIC out... I just want to say thank you. I know I don’t get to talk to you guys personally all the time, but I do actually try to communicate with a lot of you and you guys are pretty cool. Like I think I can say I have one of the best fan bases!!❤️❤️ Nbs. Y’all dm about how I inspire you but in reality, you guys inspire me to keep going and I love you guys for that so... keep supporting me and watch the come up😎 #beapartofthestory #bammgang

Did I Disappoint on my #MUSE EP? How was it...

Young Bamm. I’m the KING in this shit!👑



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