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sanne  She looks like art and art isn't supposed to look nice; it is supposed to make you feel something ✉️ 🇳🇱NL #curls #natural

This post is in honor of @hif3licia who started this wet vs dry curls hype, she is amazing. She is my very first curl crush, so she has a special place in my heart...
The whole proces from the left picture to the right one takes me about 90 minutes, with some breaks between the diffusing sessions. The full detailed video about this proces from wet to dry will be online soon. The pictures are actually footage from the video.
I’m a bit delayed caused by a computer crash:( so I’m affraid it will be monday
☛ How long does your whole routine takes from wet to dry?
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I found this @chanelofficial earrings in a second hand store for €0,75
They probably didn’t know these were authentic vintage Chanel CC logo earring, but when I took a closer look I saw the serial number, it was hard to see with my naked eye, but my heart skipped a beat. It was my treasure.
I love stories like this, they become a memory for life.
Have you ever found a treasure?
#chanel #happy #goldengirl #happylittlethings

Need your help!
When you’re watching a tutorial on YouTube do you prefer watching it in normal tempo or in up tempo?
As you know I’m editing my new hairroutine but I’m in doubt about the speed. This time it will be a very detailed, non glamourous video that shows my real routine. I remember that I loved to whatch very specific video’s when I started my curl journey. But it can be a bit boring when you already know the stuff;)
Your opinion is very importent to me because afterall, you brought me here! So what would you like to see? Long normal speed version or shorter speed up version?
Let me know:)
#youtube #instalife

I only diffuse my hair until 80% dry and let it airdry till it's fully dry, this way I get more definition.
When my hair is not fully dried yet, I always apply I tiny bit of product mixed with water to the curls that lost definition due the diffusing process.
You can watch how this in my new hair routine video that will be uploaded this week, so make sure to turn on post notifications!
Just curious; wich is your fav YouTube video in my channel?
#healthyhair #curls #krullen

CURLTIP for today:
When diffusing it’s so importent to lift your layers. This avoid your curls from clumping and weight eachother down, so welcome volume and defined curls.
My routine using the Dyson Supersonic will be online soon.
Would love if you share more about your diffusing routine ☟
Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

Products I will be using in my new fav routine
@devacurl wavemaker
@devacurl B’leave in
@boucleme curl cream
@boucleme gel
@bouncecurl light gel
@dysonhair SuperSonic
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GIVE YOURSELF A COMPLIMENT. Considering women are continuously told they are not perfect enough or deserving of respect based entirely on their appearance, and that millions struggle with self-doubt based on how others see them, I did that for over 10 years. So it is so important to talk about our bodies and to embrace it. That is why I want to know what you like most about yours☟
I will start off; I LOVE my wrists♡
#positivevibes #bodypositivity #bodypositive

Texture this;)
What About yours?
Products are tagged in the picture

1st day hair vs 3rd day hair.
I prefer volume over definition so I’m getting more and more in love with my hair after my washday. And you? What do you love most?
I used my new favourite routine with a mix of @devacurl @boucleme and @bouncecurl to get these results. Do you want me to upload a video of my new hairroutine? Let me know💋
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Check my stories to see wich €3 mascara I love over my €30 CHANEL mascara
#littlethings #makeup #mascara #budget
What’s your fav?

I need your opinion about this #hairgrowth mystery...
In my previous post I already talked about the fact I have a "good side" and a "bad side" of hair. But what I didn’t mention is that I also notice my right side, the side I sleep on, is growing faster than the left side. Kinda weird right?
Sitting in the sun this morning I was thinking about my hair and my nails are growing way more fast in summer. You may already know that hair tends to grow at different rates in temperature. Warmer temperatures tend to promote blood circulation and that heat encourages growth, that is why my hair grows faster in summer. So to the point, I think sleeping on one side of my head creates more heat at that part of the head than the rest, because of the friction, causing it to get more blood flow. Hello growth at one part of the head, mystery solved.
What do you think?
#perfectcurls #nighttime #bedtime #night

I don't know about you loves but I have a "good side" and a "bad side" of hair. I notice that if I shake my head and "fluff" my hair up, the right side doesn't look as "full". My right side is thinner, more prone to frizz, less curly and more unmanageable than the left side.
It seems to be true that most peoples' hair reacts a little differently on each side of the head. Because our hair grows independently according to each individual follicle, and the growth patterns of the head are rarely symmetrical.
The hairfollicles may have different growth cycles, wave patterns, textures, etc. Like we curly girls often have different curl types on our heads:)
The difference in density, texture and growth can be caused by our sleeping habits. Sleeping on one side or another can result in friction and damage to the hair, cause it to be less curly and making it harder to manage. Also we generally tend to favor one side or the other because of our tendencies to be "handed", favoring our left or right hands. This makes it a little hard to work on the hair on the opposite side of the head.
Do you have a favourite side?☟
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The reasons we can't sleep at night
are usually the same reasons why
we are dreaming during the day...
2.00 am knows all my secrets
What keeps you awake?

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