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Danielle Hodgson  Mummy ❤, Wife 👭, Slimming World consultant 🍉. I love pens and paper more than most things.📚📔✒🖍except coffee ☕ X

Hot date with my wife xxx @midwife_madwife_madmum

FIRST ALERT: This simple little jacket, beans and cheese is a meal I eat often, at home and out and about. One thing I have never honestly done, is accurately counted the syns in the little bit of butter or cheese (if I've already used my A choice. So today I weighed out 15g of real butter (5 syns) and 20g of reduced fat cheese (3 syns) I've decided that if I want to use syns like this I need to count them honestly so I don't cheat myself! I know for a fact I would have usually had double to the cheese and maybe even the butter if I hadn't weighed or measured it! X @slimmingworld #freefood #countingsyns #honestyisthebestpolicy #dontcheatyourself #slimmingworld #swmafia #slimmingworlduk #foodoptimising #lazycook

Good morning May! Starting you off the right way today, I'm making an attempt to get a handle back on my eating habits as I've been so busy with my new job I haven't made time to cook....or eat for that matter so my houses haven't been great. I'll be listening carefully in group and seeking help from others, the magazine, the website, the app. Time to get even more emersed in Slimming World! X

Oops they did it again!!! A Summer version of the fabulous Slimming World journal! I'm 3 days in and LOVE IT!!! So much so I thought I would dress to match lol!! @slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #foodoptimising #swmafia #slimmingworldsupport #sw #slimmingworld #summerjournal

I'm feeling a bit smug and a bit proud today! Every Easter I swear I will behave, put my weight loss first etc and then end up elbow deep in cadburys. NOT THIS TIME!! I told myself if I need it I could have 1/2 a small egg on Sunday, but I had made such good choices on Saturday on our day out that I really didn't want to spoil it. So I didn't! I ate free food and was full and happy! Then last night one of our kids had a birthday and got Dominos, so I ordered this instead, 8.5 syns and totally on plan! #slimmingworlduk #swmafia #foodoptimising #lazycook #slimmingworldsupport

I'm not letting a fictional rabbit determine the success of my day tomorrow. I've made some overnight oats to be ready for the morning and I've bought cooked chicken, fruits and diet drinks to take out with us tomorrow. I will not be beaten. #slimmingworld #sw #nottodayeasterbunny #foodoptimising #extraeasy #swfriends @slimmingworld

Channelling my inner 8 year old today! White woolly tights and pink polka dot dress. And of course some gorgeous @irregularchoice shoes! X

This magazine is my whole relaxing time out. Thought provoking, grounding and promoting self growth and a healthy, happy family lifestyle. My favourite read! @flow_magazine

We're not getting up til the coffee arrives....hurry up Tesco! X

And more storage!! How long will t stay so organised?? X

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