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Jordy (Beale) Fagan  #design, #travel, #cabins... Partner interior design Featured in @styleathome Formerly Cabin Co. Design Also go by @jordy.fagan

Westside, best side 🙌🏼

Southern dreaming because it’s -15°c... and it’s moving day 📦 ❄️👍🏼

A 5 day forecast between 0°c and 7°c in Toronto after 2 weeks of Tundra... open all the patios!

Sunny Savannah... sadly we had to cut Charleston out of our trip because of the crazy snow storm that hit the South East. Oh well. I guess we’ll need to plan another trip!

Will travel for @kimpton 🤩

We spent the afternoon packing up our house and I took down all the old photos, concert tickets, stickers etc. that I keep taped inside closet doors... it’s crazy how much less homey it feels in here now 😥. Anyone else tape memories inside closet doors or is that just a weird thing that I do?

Good morning! PSA: I finally ditched the top sheet after years of resistance and I’ll never go back! Making the bed is so much easier without it... If my @sleepcountrycan Bloom mattress wasn’t so cozy maybe the bed would stay made 😉#LifeWithBloom #sponsored

Wishing I was in New York tonight... celebrating with friends and dancing to @deadandcompany at MSG. Girl can dream 😏

Chilly October mornings call for breakfast in bed on my @sleepcountrycan Bloom mattress. This smoked brisket hash with a side of avocado toast is my favourite weekend treat. I can’t take credit for the execution but @ben__fagan tells me it’s very easy to make. He takes left over smoked brisket (that’s the tricky part... it you don’t have a smoker you can substitute or eliminate the brisket), and puts it in the fridge the night before to thaw. Then just throw it in a skillet on high heat with peppers, red onions, mushrooms and potatoes and seasons it to taste with paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper. #sponsor #lifewithbloom

How badly do you want to see inside!? 🙋🏻🔭

More travel, more inspiration, more fun 👌🏼

No place like Algonquin in the fall 🍂⛺️! I can't wait to get back to the park this weekend... if only my Bloom mattress by @sleepcountrycan would fit in my tent, then we'd we talking! #LifeWithBloom #Sponsor

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