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Jeanet Annoff 

Good morning beautiful Portugal

Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures am I going to have today?

So you've taken a Bars class and you're all fired up to give sessions and change the world being you... only to find out when you get home, people are not exactly lining up to have their Bars run... Now what?

Join Andrea Lazenby, CF from Manchester, UK on All About Bars. A free Zoom hangout where you get to ask all your questions around Bars, what it takes to have Bars clients, a Bars business or anything this post brings up for you!

Keep your eyes peeled for the invitation in the Access Consciousness Europe, Whispers of Magnitude and other Access Groups on Facebook.
The call is tomorrow at 5:30 PM, London time!

I came across this wonderfully creative crochet genius at the Barril market!
Brynn creates the most amazing crochet bags and whimsicals!
To find out what market he will sell his goodies next, go to his Facebook page: Brynn Cess's Closet!
#BrynnCessCloset #CrochetGenius

Do you have 'BHemeecs-y' questions?
Shoot them in email to Mary Haines before August 17, for her next Fast Facilitation call!
#MaryHaines #FastFacilitation #LittleTinyBlue #CupOfKisses

How can you be 'in the question' when you really, really, REALLY want to have a relationship?
Is that even possible ?
Join Andrea Lazenby on Relationship Revolution, a FREE call about anything and everything Relationship.
August 15, 6.30 PM London time. Find the event in Facebook groups Access Consciousness Europe, Whispers of Magnitude or ask to be added to Andrea's Secret Group 'Blow the Bloody Doors Off' if you wish to do just that!
#AndreaLazenbyUK #BlowTheBloodyDoorsOff #CupOfKisses #SquirrelGirl #JeanetAnnoff

39 degrees Celcius in the shade and she still hasn't crocheted us no bathing suits!! #SquirrelGirl #LittleTinyBlue #CupOfKisses #JeanetAnnoff

What do you do when your partner is blue?
Tell them to just choose joy in subtle or not so subtle ways?
Like you do?
Do you make them wrong for being blue?
Or do you make yourself wrong for apparently not being the wellspring of joy in their life?

What else is possible that you've never before considered ?
Join Andrea Lazenby Tuesday afternoon August 15 at 6.30 PM on a FREE Relationship Revolution call.
How free can you get to have the relationship you so desire in one FREE call?
#AndreaLazenbyUK #SquirrelGirl RelationshipRevolution

Everyone.... Meet LittleTinyBlue..... Blue, meet eh...everyone...
#SquirrelGirl #LittleTinyBlue #CupOfKisses #RelationshipRevolution #JeanetAnnoff

On the road selfie with LittleTinyBlue #SquirrelGirl #RelationshipRevolution #CupOfKisses #JeanetAnnoff

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