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How to: tumblr room!
[cc: @cupcaketippinq💕]

✧you want to have a lot
of light, if you don't have
light it will be a cave🌚

✧ also you want to hang
up quotes, posters, and
make cute activities! ( look
up Bethany Mota on YouTube!)

✧Paint your walls your favorite
color, don't have a design bc
it will look bad😬

✧Hope I helped!💕

How to: good pictures¡
[cc: @cupcaketippinq💕]

Have good lighting☀️ You don't want dark

Make sure you have a good
background💦 If you don't
have a good background it
won't look good either 💩

Focus on one thing (on Insta
blur out the the background
but make sure you can see it)

Hope I helped ! Ilysm 💕
Your the best everyone👌
Stay active! And be active👑

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