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Sharon Garofalow  A cool resource for simple family living. Orange County based mom sharing tips to make your life easier & stylish. Also @blogrxretreat

On the bad side, this men's camo cardigan arrived and is way less structured than I had hoped. On the plus side, I'm embracing it and feel like it gives me #robelife status. #findthepositive

Cheers to Saturday which also happens to be #nationaldrinkwineday . That's a holiday I can get behind. @deckonlaguna @pacificedgehotel

Four day weekends are the BEST! Our plans include staying inside because of the rain. Because, Californians.

Did you forget???? Save your marriage with a last-minute printable valentine. Your welcome.

Had an impromptu lunch date with my hubby today. I am not spontaneous so this was both thrilling and stress inducing until I told myself to cool it. Life moves fast. Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the Brussels sprouts. (Thanks for a fun adventure, babe!)

YOU GUYS! Good things are coming! .
For years, I've been struggling with what my focus is on the blog. I love to share about a lot of different things but I could never figure out what was running through all of it to keep it cohesive or set me apart from others. I've been taking a lot of time to really try to figure it out. And I've found it! Finally! .
I will have a new tag line (because I'm sticking with the name Cupcakes and Cutlery) and a new site! It's stylish, fresh and just what I need to kick off a new season of blogging. I'm super excited to share more! It feels so good to figure shit out! .
If you want a sneak peek, sign up to my newsletter!!! Http:// !

I woke up with one kid saying his throat hurt too bad to go to school and the other saying he has a terrible headache. I'm just going to ignore them for a minute and pretend I'm back in this darling beach bungalow... @pacificedgehotel #iheartpacificedge #lagunabeach

Checking out the refreshed @gorjana bungalow at @pacificedgehotel in #lagunabeach. This space is gorgeous. Next up my first flower crown with @craftblooms ! #iheartpacificedge

Omg. It's the last cotillion! (and family night).The girls just learned how to attach a boutonnière. But this chick better scram. I'm about to get my waltz on.

It's the perfect day for Kathy Bates in a box and a little latch hooking. Nothing says Valentine's Day like #AmericanHorrorStory and yarn crafts. Find the full tutorial over on @minted! #sponsored

I'm literally buzzing over all the amazing takeaways from my sessions today at @altsummit. @megtsang changed my life with Lightroom and @jenniferppriest made figuring out the Facebook algorithm sound exciting. I'm pumped to get home and work!!! #altsummit

When your Tuesday is your Friday.... In Palm Springs for @altsummit and looking forward to learning and mingling. But first...ironing. It makes this Type A heart happy. #altsummit