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This has become my sleeping sweater. My husband says that isn't a thing. But it is. It's like sleeping in a warm embrace, only without the actual human contact. Which is good since I can't sleep if I'm touching my husband. This sweater is life. It might be the softest sweater I've ever felt. I basically wear it as a robe. My kids wear it like a snuggy and sometimes I wear it out of the house too. It's sold out now. I know because I want to buy a million more of them. I wrote a blog post about where I got the sweater (@vicidolls ) because I've also picked up a few other great pieces from them and I think you need to know about them. Plus if you live in #orangecounty they have a store you can visit! But it's missing this sweater. Sorry about it. I'm maybe (probably) wearing this sweater right now...Go to the blog to see what else I am over wearing. Image by @bleudogfotography

#AD I may not excel at math or science but I am an expert gift giver (self proclaimed, but still). Which means that I give the kids the perfect mix of what they are asking for (all the tech and electronics) and what I think they'll love. This year that means a family gift to upgrade our computer to one with an #8Gen @intel Core Processor. The power and speed will mean they can get the most out of all their gadgets, new and old. Because what good is a 4K camera if it's not compatible with your computer? These are the things Santa and I talk about...The Lenova 920 Yoga powered by Intel's 8th Gen Core Processor is the must have family gift this year!
Plus check out my gift guide full of tech things your littles will love: http://bit.ly/techgiftsforxmas
Learn more about the Intel 8th Gen Core Processor: http://intel.ly/2mv3UW4

It is my goal in life to make this guy laugh. And if that means getting my father-in-law to build a giant nose with slime so that my husband has to win his gift by answering trivia questions that coordinate with colored balls hidden in the slime, then that's what I'll do. HBD @bgyeah ! More on stories...

If you were wondering how in-character the @disneyland princesses stay, this was my attempt at getting her to be "tough." Her embrace was so gentle. We are having a blast checking out all the holiday fun at both parks today! It's my favorite time to visit! ##ad #DisneylandHolidays #HolidaysBeginHere

The feeds are all wonky and killing my business vibes so I'm taking back Instagram and taking the pressure off myself to get likes. So I wanted to do a #followfriday and share who I love to follow on here. @alexmichaelmay is everything. Stylish, funny, and truly positive. ❤️ her. Following along with @uplifeofemmyjoy always makes my day! @momecdotes is new and is for all of us moms to share those super mom life moments. @celebrationsathome kills it with her stylish entertaining and I always wish I was invited to her parties. And @amylhendy is making me go broke with her fab style. Go check them out. Image by @bleudogfotography

My son came home from school yesterday and told me he couldn't go on the swings for the rest of the week because he was swinging facing the wrong direction. It is HIGHLY likely there is more to the story than he shared with me but I was instantly ready to spring in to action to get his swing rights back. And then I shook my head and laughed.

It's a no intention of working out stretchy pants kind of Wednesday. You?

The embellishments on this @cabiclothing jacket are being strategically worn to distract from my tired eyes and dark circles. I think I'm going to call it my Monday jacket. (Just ignore the cheesy catalogue pose...) #ad #cabiclothing #styleandideas pic by @bleudogfotography

This is the face of someone whose husband had just said, "You're really giving those kaftans a run for their money, huh?" 😐 He said it was a compliment. Riiiiiight. I have that kaftan on today BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME.

The big one is totally growing up too fast. But we've been having some good conversations about important things and watching sitcoms together (which makes my heart SO happy). The little one still does not get my humor, especially when I suggest I may turn him in for a new model.😬Life is never dull as a #boymom !
Thank you @tinytruckerco for sending these awesome hats! They could not be more perfect for these two! #ad

Only bad moms see #BadMomsXmas on a Tuesday night. #lidotheater

#ad Do you know what goes perfect with stressed out moms? Wine and essential oils. I decided to host some moms this afternoon to help us prepare for the crazy holiday season. We're blending oils to make the house smell like Christmas (even when it full of gross boy smells) and to calm us down on Black Friday (because you KNOW you want to throw punches out in those stores).
I'm not usually a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir fan but we kicked off the afternoon with a little @chwine wine tasting and those were both my favorite! Color me surprised and relaxed. BTW. This is the best mom playdate idea ever! #CHWineHoliday

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