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OC Lifestyle and Mom Blogger  Sharon Garofalow shares how to keep your cool while taking care of your busy family. Encourager of "me time" & girlfriend trips! Also @lazyonpurpose.

All our plans this weekend were ruined by kid sickness. The most exciting thing I've done in the last two days is test out a strapless bra to see how long it takes before it slips down to my belly button.

I'm not here right now. But I totally wish I was. My youngest has just "invented" a game. Which means the rules are pretty fluid and I have no chance of winning.

You KNOW it's going to be a good dinner when your son says, "You're going to put THAT on the burger?" #ad
I came up with a delish BBQ Pineapple Burger recipe, that I've eaten two Saturdays in a row now. Because I'm basically obsessed with @BUBBABurger. They taste delicious and cook from frozen. They are SO easy. I plan on always having these on hand for those last minute, "Oh crap, I forgot to figure out dinner" dinners. #BUBBABurger #BuildABetterBurger
Find the full recipe on the site:

Sometimes kids surprise you. Like, I totally thought the kids would throw these books at me when I suggested they read during a play date. So I made sure to make it feel like a party. And they were totally in to it. Count that as a mom win. #ad
The Elephant and Piggie book series, from Mo Willems and @DisneyBooks, is celebrating 10 years. And that is definitely reason to celebrate! Head to the blog and enter to win a book pack of your own, plus some other fun goodies so you can throw a party/playdate and trick your kids into getting off their iPads! Yeah! #MoFun
Read more about these awesome books and enter the giveaway at

#ad This salad. On repeat. It's easy enough to make and invite a few mom friends over for a day date. Or you can just eat it from a bowl balanced on your belly (non pregnant) as you catch up on Netflix during your lunch "hour."
Either way, this salad and an @Aquafina Sparkling go perfectly together! There's a great deal on the Cartwheel app right now! Don't miss it! Find the recipe at #AquafinaSparkling

So happy that it finally feels like rose weather. In fact, I think I'll drink mine with ice today... #roseallday

Soak City is a) the place to be today (it's going OFF!) and b) me, because it's a bazillion degrees out here. Checking out opening day of #knottssoakcity at @knottsberryfarm with the family! #ad

You know how anniversaries have certain gift themes? Well I think graduation gifts should incorporate a zebra. #ad .
I came up with this Balloon Bouquet Bucket List gift idea for all the grads out there. Part decor/ part gift card holder, this is the perfect way to give experiences and/or meals for someone to use all summer long! .
Find the full DIY #ontheblog @balloontimeheliumtanks

I think one of the most important things I can do for my kids is show them how important my business is to me. I've got big ideas and am passionate about what I do. As a work at home mom it can be a struggle to "balance" it all. But I want my kids to know they can have a career, that doesn't look like the one that my parents had or even what mine looks like. I'm excited by the idea that they will probably create their own jobs. And robots. I'm excited about all the robots that will be around when they're adults. 🤖

My son and I basically won the Long Beach Grand Prix. I mean, we were about as close to the winner's circle as you could be. As guests of @BUBBABurger, we got the total VIP treatment. #ad
It was a day I'll never forget. Head to the site to see all about our amazing (and LOUD) day! #BUBBABurger #BuildABetterBurger

That time @mishafrench and I made foot wine in Temecula... what wine adventure can we do next? #latergram #tbt

Raise your hand if you have a lipstick named after you! 🙋 YOU GUYS! @nixeyartistry used this color on me for our last tutorial while @holliegirlcosmetics was still developing her line. And when it came time to name it, they let me pick! It's called CUPCAKE KISS! You know, after my blog? How fun is that? All her colors are amazing. Go check everything out at !! Congrats, Hollie, on such an amazing accomplishment! Buy it at

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