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Lindsay Montgomery  Painter • Curator • Teacher • Traveler

🌸🎂cake and boyfriend of my dreams🎂🌸

Sunday’s post-wedding party at the mansion & the most romantic gardens I’ve ever seen...the perfect end to a magical weekend. 🌳🌸⛲️

Fairytale wedding weekend in Minnesota for the absolute best couple we know on the planet, @graceenielson and @boknowws 💙

Being away from Chicago for so long made me almost forget how much I live for midwest summer nights, so happy I can share them with my 💚 this weekend.

Minnesota Wedding Day 💍#newlynielson

Last camp photos of the summer, the most I’ve ever taught consecutively in my life and so rewarding. I’m in love with everything they made and cannot wait to spend a year collecting special art materials for next summer 🔮🌴🐯

Glittery Gouache collages we made today using only gold, pinks and silver for Family Day @paloaltoartcenter. 💞

Magical early birthday with my family 💕🔮🙌🏻🌈💫🌴

Birthday 💐🍰 (early, it’s really September 6th)

250 hours of teaching in 10 weeks...second to last show of the summer, Asian and African Wonders 🐘🐼🦒

Circus, Circus with soon to be 1st and 2nd graders 🦁🐘🐻🎪🤹🏼‍♀️🎟

Toy Travels & Forest Explorers art show day for my K-2nd graders 🎨

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