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One of my favorite fifth grade projects...carousel contours 🎠 (also, my students never trace anything, but I do give them rulers and circle/square etc. stencils if they need to make a perfect shape) ❤️

Color mixing painting lessons K-5th 🌈

Last of the beginning of the year line lessons...3rd grade baroque hats, 1st grade Oaxacan animals, 4th grade illuminated letter ⭐️

My Google student’s third watercolor paintings in life 🙌🏻

Second grade color lesson mixing primary colored tempera paints and oil pastels 🍎🍊🍋🍏🍆🍇

Celebrating one of my best friends marrying the love of her life last night in St. Helena! Happy Birthday @queenlove888, you are the most beautiful person, inside AND out, and I am so thankful for our friendship 🔮💍💖 🕊💫💐

Some favorite shape projects...Eric Carle inspired food collages by my fourth graders and Rainbow Fish inspired underwater collages by my third graders 🍔🐠

Leading a Milagros art lesson last night at the Seriously Fun event for board members and donors @csma_mv! A couple of 📷 by @kristentae too ❤️

🍩, 🎁, and 🍑🍉🍌🍏🍎🍊🍋 My Google student’s using acrylic shadows and watercolor for the first time (with the exception of a couple of students).

Some shape lesson favorites so far...✂️ 2nd grade Matisse collages, 1st grade ice cream trucks, 5th grade positive/negative space in blue and white and favorite yearly celebration collage 💙

Some favorites from our circus themed family day @paloaltoca 🦁🎩

🍁⛲️🍇 Napa with my love