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👶🇬🇧🎀London Díor Mother🎀🇬🇧👶  👼Sleep Peacefully Javaughn👼.

She really my baby I love everything abt my Ray Ray 😻🤞🏾🙌🏽

You knw what it is girl 🤞🏾

I’m so proud of my cousin. She’s such an amazing, smart, humble and god fearing young lady. We dnt speak or see each other much but all of her accomplishments makes me so happy. She just turned 17 and I’m so scared that she’s growing up too fast lol. My uncle and Auntie really have done a good job molding you into a respectable young woman. Before you was born they acted as my parents so I know exactly the beautiful upbringing you have. I love you Cousin and I’m so glad you Dnt let anyone or anything cloud your judgement to get off the path of greatness. I’m coming to get you this weekend; you, London and I going for a girls day. So glad you’re your own person and didn’t turn out like the rest of us🙌🏽

The only man I’ve ever loved in this world with everything inside of me #MyFather 🤞🏾London is such a mean spoiled chicken butt butts

So many crazy memories in this house this was my first house after London, I’ve always been the fun parent lol @so_ambitious103 😂😂😂 they was one at the time

The beauty of having a daughter is the amount of fun you have I love doing things that’ll make her smile. She’s been talking abt doing my make up for the longest. I dnt wear makeup at all so I went out bought a kit and surprised her😻

My biggest supporter and toughest critic, my sister. Everyone know I’m literally bat shit crazy abt her, I’ll slice a whole bitch face off for her and they knw I’m coming every time when it’s any problems. We laugh, fight, argue, cry together but that’s what sisters do. But its nothing in this world I thought I could manage if it wasn’t for you giving me those speeches telling me to tighten up or Laurice you really do a good job. Im happy Freda had you just not on my fucking 4th birthday 😂😘🤞🏾🙌🏽‼️ @rmaninoexchange this a forever thang

I wouldn’t have wanted any other Bestfriend in the world besides the two I have. But you girl I mean GIRLLLLL been in my life for 10years and ain’t switched up YET. We more like sisters she forever spoiling me rather it’s with time, money, other shit or just her company. We always laugh abt how we meant because if you dnt knw me I’m silly as fuck and irritating I walked straight up to her on the first day of class like hey I’m Laurice lol I knew we’ll be friends because she looked mean as fuck like me so I felt comfortable 😂 you never missed a beat with nothing within these years and I’m able and grateful to have a strong crazy person in my corner. We really love each other aye @_______dottie__ “Resse trying to smack my bitch” or “what’s y’all names we working baby we workers” 😂😂😂 Love you genuine friendship doesn’t come often 😘

R’Mani you and your mom really taught me how to be a mother without y’all I wouldn’t knw what to do with London. I remember rock told me she was pregnant with you and went to school and told me to tell you’re nana lol. It was times I’ll be in the city living my best life and rock would call me like when you coming home mani won’t go to sleep can you come now and I would just to rock you to bed. You slept with me damn near every night I thought you was my daughter lol @rmaninoexchange ain’t mind cuz she wanted sleep plus she was working.You’re amazing, smart, polite, just my good child. I love you Niecey Pooh you dnt understand the value you bring into my life honestly. 😘🤞🏾🙌🏽

London skating was the funniest shit 😂

London Díor you changed my entire life around you dnt understand. You’re the only person I value and cherish. You’re a blessing we’ve been through hell this year and Touk we still standing. I’m so thankful god gave me you you’ve always been the bomb diggy to me. Idc or give a fuck how any of y’all feel abt my baby no one walking this earth compare to her none of y’all duck ass kids PERIOD‼️ London was always was MEANT since she was born I knew she was special and I had to keep her not because of the man I had her by because that shit ain’t mean nothing to me, my mother told me if I wasn’t ready to do things on my own dnt have a kid. God and our family members made sure London didn’t miss a beat or go without. When I say I’m fucking grateful and thankful I swear on Jesus thrones I am, God thank you for allowing me more time with this one. She deserve a chance 🤞🏾‼️

6 years without you seem like a fucking lifetime, seem like a just got the call. Seeing all the family crying breaking down everybody at their lowest and sad as fuck. I use to be mad like if you would’ve just pulled up and gave me the money you’ll be still here with us to celebrate the holidays. You dnt knw what you did man when you left us, no one is the same at all. I knew you was laughing so hard when I totaled my car that night like look at this bitch. I miss you so much Brother keep watching London and I 😘😇

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