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👶🇬🇧🎀London Díor Mother🎀🇬🇧👶  👼Sleep Peacefully Javaughn👼.

I love my baby personality she act just like me lol and her great granny in the back just letting her act a fool in church like she caught the Holy Ghost, we would’ve gotten our backs blew in back in the day playing with God😂🙌🏽

Come out and support there will be so many fun activities for the kids plus many performances this Saturday‼️ Thank you so much for putting this together @pdotmusic 😘🤞🏾

Thee up and downs are worth it long way to go but we’re working, we’re flawed but we’re still perfect for each other. Sometimes I thought we’ll never see the light we went through hell with heaven on our sides. This beach ain’t always been no paradise but nightmares only last one night 🤞🏾 #IGotYouThroughItAll #ThatsAPromiseTouk

The fact this is rocky and my personalities is funny as fuck.... ME: wtf she say ROCKY: Laurice please dnt hop on tip 😭🙌🏽‼️ and @workof_art__ can vouch for that lol rock be so embarrassed when I take shit the wrong way 😂😂😂


The one that gave me life, and the one that gives me life how do you compare the two 😻🤞🏾‼️

Man Poobie DAMN😔 just keep watching over London and I. I knw you’ll be proud of the mother I’ve became and mad at me cuz I haven’t kicked my habit 😂 I miss dragging you and @48203_ out the house for family day y’all use to be mad but will go whenever and do whatever I wanted to do as I blast Nicki Minaj cd. You left me with so many memories that I cherish there’s no one like you 🙌🏽 My guardian angel 👼🏽 you know I’m abt to be on all bullshit today I promise I’m not gon be a crybaby today 🤞🏾 I love you brother but you know and knew that ‼️

Happy Birthday cousin BJ 💙🎁🎉🎊🎈🎂 London and I love you ‼️

The absolute best part of me🤞🏾

The Golden Child 👸🏽🤩😻🙌🏽‼️

Thee Golden Child 🤩😻🙌🏽🤞🏾‼️

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