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Landon Cater  Just ☕️.

Honestly, how many of you #coffeelovers had to wash a pile of dishes in order to enjoy your #coffee? Photo by @cafemonterealrd

Watch our life, as soon as I get some coffee, and smell these flowers, I’m coming for you. Photo by @rachelandhercoffee #coffeecaptions #coffee #mustwakeup

You can almost taste summer. Photo and artwork by the incredibly talented @samlarson if you don’t know him then give him a follow. #coffeelover #northwestisbest #coffee

So much coffee, so little time.

It’s all in my head. I just need coffee to find it. ☕️🤯 Photo by @kylejbean

It's always a good idea to make time to think. Thinking brings ideas and ideas can make a difference.
Really good photo @nicks_pics.

Be positive. In every way.
Nice job @glk_a8.

This was a short week for the #cupamonth contest. Great job @maybe_anne.
You've done it again.

Forgiving someone doesn't mean you forget, it means you're free of all the hurtful feelings.
Take the risk and forgive someone today.
Amazing job @maybe_anne. We always respect your unique work!

We love the B&W @cafehoppingjb. Welcome to the #cupamonth photo contest.

Don't live a mediocre life. Life is already hard enough as it is.
When you dream to inspire it can change your reality among others.
You may have known people that have not lived out their potential. It could be a friend, roommate, or family member. There's nothing wrong with living an ordinary life, but there's nothing right with it either.
Be the one that inspires them today.
Shoutout to @fion_kicksass for such a cool photo.

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