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CultureStrike  CHECK OUT CultureStrike’s Favianna Rodriguez interview on her art & activism in partnership with LUSH Cosmetics ‼️🦋👇🏽

These shirts are 🔥!! Grab one today and support amazing artists and storytellers! #Repost @ohiostudents ・・・
In 1995, @outkast took home a Source Award for “Best New Artist” for this first album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. In front of a booing audience, @andre3000 grabbed the mic and declared “The South got something to say!” This statement became an anthem, a rallying cry, that changed the course of hip hop and kicked open the door for a new generation of regional storytellers. Now it’s our time and we are thrilled to announce the launch of!
Leaning on the legacy of our elders born in the South and whose children migrated to states like Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan, it’s time for us to tell our stories. We are no longer waiting for outsiders to tell our stories or define our culture. Creatives and social justice organizers from across the Midwest are coming together to co-create the world we deserve through art and activism. The Marketplace is a celebration of Midwest culture and the people who create it. By purchasing from this store, you are directly supporting a set of brilliant up and coming creatives located in Chicago, Ohio, and Michigan. We are Black and Brown folks. We are from and living in the Midwest. We got something to say!

#MidwestCulture #MidwestCreatives

A caravan of approximately 7,000 Central American refugees makes its way through Mexico with the goal of finding refuge in the United States. Already, the Trump administration has retaliated by cutting aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador and urging the Mexican government to stop the caravan. Reactions in Mexico are mixed, from people on the ground showing support and providing aid, to clashes with the government and authorities that often uphold the same xenophobia and violence that migrants experience in the US. #Honduras #HondurasCaravan #Migration #Refugees

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Dear Trans Sibling Survivors, we are here for you. This new poster features @thedappermrjaden & his words 💌💌💌🏳️‍🌈 you can download all our posters in big sizes at
✨ [Description: A Star galaxy in the silhouette of Black trans boi smelling a bouquet of lilies. Blue, pink and white handwriting says: “Dear trans sibling survivor, despite how they’ve tried to silence all our brilliance, we are STILL HERE.” #SurvivorLoveLetter ] ✨🌈🙏 also check out the work of @mirror.memoirs — lead by @amitaswadhin, Mirror Memoirs centers the stories, healing and leadership of LGBTQ survivors of childhood sexual abuse.✨ Write your own love letter to a survivor and use our hashtag #SurvivorLoveLetter to let them know they are believed, supported and loved. ✨ #believesurvivors #wontbeerased

"When I do art I'm not just doing art to make something beautiful, I'm also doing art to open someone's imagination.” - @favianna1 🌿@CultureStrike's Favianna Rodriguez joins musician John Robb for a conversation about the power of art, culture, and activism, hosted by @LushCosmetics. #ArtsActivism #ArtAsResistance #LushShowcase #Artists4Climate

Join today as we flood the internet with love letters for survivors of sexual assault. Write your own love letter to a survivor and use our hashtag #SurvivorLoveLetter. As Kavanaugh becomes our new Supreme Court justice, let the survivors of the world know that not only are they believed, not only are they supported, they are loved. Art by @jessxsnow 💫 #BelieveSurvivors

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Trans and gender non-conforming people cannot be written, beaten, imprisoned, or shut out of existence.

Protect trans rights. Protect trans lives. #WontBeErased.
#SignOfResistance by @nerdybrownkid .
IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of people hugging each other. Text reads “protect trans rights. Protect trans lives.”

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🌍ECO MEANS HOME🏡 Artist and Political homies, @mia.mingus @alicatsamurai @repealhyde collaborated due to the massive conversations around plastic #StrawBans. It’s necessary to reimagine how we manage our home and especially how we treat each other! The #GreenEconomy fails to see the interests of frontline communities especially around making decisions surrounding mass production of plastics and alternatives to plastic. Disabled communities have not been at the decision making nor decision influencing ‘table’ to voice concerns surrounding plastic straw bans. And now they’re bearing the brunt of irresponsible plastic production. .
Let’s be clear, the problem isn’t straws, it’s the mass extraction of resources and labor for profit of the few.
Thank you Mia, Alice and Megan for holding the complexity of stewarding our planet and caring for each other. Let’s be like turtle and live slower and more intentional, especially with how we ally to each other and the earth simultaneously. 💕 [image description: a graphic of turtle underwater, coming up with seaweed in its mouth to feed a baby turtle above it, with the text “We envision a world where we can work together to ensure everyone has access to what they need”] Poster can be found at partial proceeds go to #DisabilityVisibilityProject

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Finished this old piece this morning - finding ways to practice patience and imperfection as a form of self care. Things are heavy babes, take good care of them fragile hearts ♥️
Pieced this lil guy square by square (digitally of course). Fully inspired by the gorgeous fauxsaic work of Nick Misani, who I had the pleasure of watching present a year or so ago. Go check out his beautiful work if you're feeling like being awestruck: @nickmisani .
#chingalamigra #abolishICE #fuckICE #keepfamiliestogether #familiesbelongtogether #undocumented #fauxsaics

#Artists4Climate #ClimateWoke #Repost @christi_belcourt ・・・
And so it began, during the time of climate change. When the people began to rise up. Like David against Goliath. They put their bodies and lives at risk for the Salmon. Standing up to Industrial Monsters they boarded ships and dismantled fish farms. Steel and metal could no longer contain the masses. They declared the laws unjust, and as they shook their sacred rattles the sang, “the rivers belong to the salmon.” #climatejustice

The decisions that politicians make affect the lives of everyone, including folks who can’t vote. If you have the privilege of being able to vote, please consider it! Rock the vote! 🤟🏽 #Repost @rockthevote ・・・
Gauking over @tiarragirlband new PSA to get folks out to the polls! Thank you for speaking up for those that cannot.

If you are 18 in 2018, you should be voting! See you in Nov. 6th

Happy birthday to the Black Panther Party! #Repost @sonsandbros ・・・
On this day in 1966, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale founded the Black Panther Party in Oakland, CA. We celebrate The Panthers’ legacy of community safety, health and pride. #HealthAndJustice4All ✊🏿 ✊🏿 ✊🏿

#BlackPantherParty #BPP #KnowYourHistory #BlackHistory #AmericanHistory #KnowTheFacts #BlackLiberation #BlackLivesMatter #Activism #Activists #CommunityBuilding #CommunityAgency #BlackAndProud

A taste of the journey on #IndigenousPeoplesDay #SunriseCeremony • Dancing Earth had the honor to perform an #Indigenous #ContemporaryDance installation piece entitled #GROUNDWORKS after sunrise ceremony this year. • This work, the creative vision of Artistic Director, Rulan Tangen, is the culmination of over a year of in-depth collaborative cultural work with #CaliforniaNative tribes and artistic leaders of the #Pomo #Ohlone #Wappo #Tongva people. This year's performers & creative team also included #Native people from #Paiute #Diné #Mohawk #Apache #Miwuk #Mayan tribes. • Dancers /performers @sammaybabay @nattydreamweaver @esmeohlive @fernym6_ @cieranalani @tazbah @kdeenius @kanyon.coyote @juliavasquez_ @love_speak_productions • This video teaser w/ music by @esmeohlive entitled Grow Gardens. • Insta video produced & edited by @kyj_productions • Look out for extended video documentation to be released soon!

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