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🎨 Culture By Kylie ✂️  An artist, maybe even a counterculturist. 👩🏼‍🎤 Director of Education MOON RIVER in SLO, CA 🎆1/2 @thefundamentalists, 2/2 @ky.ddo

Middle. Life in grey. Venus in house 1, Sun in house 11. Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. Collective growth in consciousness of beauty and all things abstract and transformative. Culture By Kylie AF. My culture is my art, your art. Everyday I’m learning why I’m here, how the titles I create not only become me but are what I have been along. #11over2 #stylist #culturebykylie #keepitsimplestupid

Reference for future me to look back on. What I envision is this, expanded. It feels like deja vu taking this picture.

Sunday mornings are my favorite part of every single week. I grew up going to church. Nowadays, I don’t do anything until at least noon and save this time for relaxing and reflection. Idk what it is about this time, but regardless of how my beliefs have changed over the course of my life so far I understand the importance of setting aside time to just be. Sunday’s are my favorite days. 🧡

Hiiiieeeeee it’sa me! For once. 🤪 Reminding U of the importance of using blonde products like purple shampoo and silver conditioner, and healing treatments, and water soluble leave-in products, and silk pillow cases, and low heat with tools, and leaving your hair alone when you’re not going anywhere, and washing it minimally, and keeping up with your color maintenance. I couldn’t have my dream hair if I didn’t keep it up regularly with a strict regimen of love & care. 😈🥰 I’m a resistant level 5 (dark brown) so I know what it’s like to have a hard time achieving and keeping this color up!!!! Love u bye

Some more before and after on Gina. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Blondes 4ever 🧡

Hands down one of the most rewarding transformations in a long time just happened. Even going two levels lighter is corrective! But when u get that perfect baby root melt, target level on the ends, and overall tone you’re going for in the first session... @arteasecolors is my secret weapon. The shine!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

I’m gonna start doing more of these videos to check myself for hand positions and to not be so scared of the camera. I love what I do, I love my clients. I’m always striving to be better. And no, sometimes I don’t brush my own hair. My long sea urchin locks can’t be tamed all the time. Lol. Needs a cut so bad and I live with my hairdresser UGH! Thank U Dylan for trusting me to take your hair pink and for believing in my haircuts.🤩🥰 #sundaymorningreflections

Full highlight on black hair 🤩 One of my fav challenges!

Darker, smokier. 😍🥰

TBT hair painting after & processing pic 🥰 Michele is now a painted redhead. Maintaining regimen but switching tone is my favorite. 🧡

Loose razor bob with minor refinement. Letting the moment and shape be. Cut and color by me.

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