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‘Magic doesn't sweep you away; it gathers you up into the body of the present moment so thoroughly that all your explanations fall away...’
―David Abram
Wedding bouquet for @lovesbows held by my who made all my explanations fall away. 💗
Sylphid & Cramer’s High-Z celosia, Clematis, dahlias ‘valley porcupine’, ‘Otto’s Thrill’ I think, and cafe au lait, plus ‘Amethyst Glow’. China asters, hops, statice and Pennisetum villoceum.

I’ve had a number of requests for the varieties of the Celosia used in yesterday’s arch (posted in stories). They are: ‘Selway Salmon’, the green ‘Sylphid’ and ‘Cramer’s High Z’ used here with hop vine and two types of hydrangea. I can’t grow Celosia well without a high tunnel so snatched these up from @greenesfarmandsuite when I saw them! The statice is ‘Sunset mix’. Bridal bouquet up next —pink for @lovesbows 💗#botanicalpickmeup #horticultural

After the wedding. The largest cafe au lait dahlias didn’t make the bridal bouquet, nor the arch, nor the maid’s, nor the centrepieces. But they did make me happy and will have their moment soon. Perfect flowers from the greenest thumb in town @seaviewslope. (Gave him the tubers and never could I have grown such happy plants)💗

There are some plants I grow without thinking: plants that return perennially, shrubs which form a backdrop, and plants that I no longer see. Like a pair of failing old boots sitting by the back door, the latter are there because they always have been and I don’t question their value as I should. What if I got something more practical? Something that fit better? A happier plant in that site, with that specific light? In fall here when the rains begin we have a window of re-organization to move and remove. To try new things in new places. We rally as stems become stalks, before the weather is too raw to take up a shovel, before soil becomes mud. I got thinking about all this because an old dahlia has over-wintered in my garden since I rescued it from a neighbour’s years ago. You want to give me a plasticky-pink dahlia with a white center? Sure, I’ll try it. And perhaps because it only hopped a fence, it’s the happiest dahlia I have. I don’t treat it well because I don’t see it until September. Unfashionable, almost obnoxiously pink, it tirelessly pumps out blooms in cold rain. And so it stays, not dug or coddled in winter, not fed in summer, and I am grateful for having forgotten it again and again.
Garden gathered urn for @yoursmus this week. ‘Chilson’s Pride’ dahlia, gladioli, pink Cynoglossum, china asters, hops, larkspur, scented geranium, three types of Nictotiana, the smaller of the two lime ones “Lemon Tree’ which I love. The dinnerplate dahlia is Otto’s Thrill (I believe) and Clematis terniflora.

So many arrangements and so little time to capture their beauty, but today when @flowerworkshop_korea went off for lunch I grabbed some quiet time with my camera and a coveted poppy to build a quick tribute of thanks to September’s garden and the students

Oranges ready to head into the garden for @flowerworkshop_korea today. There’s blue in the sky and a roof over the arbor and a fire laid in the hearth 🤞

Textural and beautiful student work by @thepartyflower as a part of @flowerworkshop_korea workshop today.

Day one with @flowerworkshop_korea ✨🇨🇦❤️✨ (who so graciously accommodated Mr Lemon). Pics soon in stories of a fun and productive day. Thanks to @mtnewtonfloral @cartrefgardens and @ninebarkfarm for the wonderful flowers. More thanks due...soon!

Harmonic convergence of tongue, coat, and garden.
Prepping for @flowerworkshop_korea today. Two full days for eleven students with two hands apiece (for petting), countless pairs of shoes, and seventeen for dinner in the garden: Christopher will be happy as a clam.
Dahlias here: Linda’s Baby and Valley Porcupine with China asters, phlox, Distant Drums rose, sedum, amaranth and Epimedium.

There comes a point in early autumn when fruit eclipses root. When we stop watering and start ripening—the tomatoes we push, squashes we harden, and flowers we encourage to set seed.
The garden leans into autumn’s golden light almost as if knowing how beautiful it will look: the sun striking cobwebs and calyces, dew thickening the grass. Suddenly, as if we hadn’t been paying attention, we notice it all: a shining blackberry, yellow pollen, the powdery duff of quince.
Corner of my demo for @faithflowersatl group last night. Autumnal all the way #flowertours

Ruffles and rays. Been writing about texture and have covered: haircuts, haze, umbels, and spikes, only to find a new ruffled Gladiolus from @sarahravenperchhill in the garden, ‘Bimbo’. Happy Friday everyone—ruffle it up!
#boldcolor #maximalist

In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton had some mystical ideas about the number seven and so split the range of colors he saw in refracted sunlight into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. He published his findings under the title ‘Optiks’ in 1704 showing a sketch of a color wheel, meant to illustrate the range of colours he saw in white light. But floral design, like painting, is about using colour as expressed by (not through) a material thing—the flower itself, real and solid, clutched in your fingers. As Kassia St Clair explains in The Secret Lives of Colour, “the colour we perceive an object to be is precisely the colour it isn’t: that is, the segment of the spectrum that is being reflected away.” Chances are you you already knew this, but it’s important to remember that we don’t always see light passing through a flower (though it’s heavenly when we do). The materiality of our work means our struggles with color are painterly ones.
Fine art, indeed! .
I’m home now but spent yesterday morning at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and will be adding to my flower painters highlight reel as the book-writing continues. All in the business of learning to see...Enjoy!
#colortheory #happycolors #moreismore

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