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David Cullis  This is my journey to becoming a bodybuilder, and the lead up to my first ever bodybuilding competition for the Natural physique association.

With just two more pay packets to go, time to start thinking about the pants to wear on stage 🤔😬. All suggestions are welcome, preferably uk based!
#posingpants #bodybuilding #firstcompetition #bodybuildingnovice

Chest and shoulders today, not overly happy with the working sets! Starting to feel fatigued and it’s showing in my lifts, just gonna keep pushing myself, focusing on form and each set till muscle fatigue! I’m now the lightest I have been for a very VERY long time 12st 2lbs, still a long way to go yet!!
#dietingsucks #5weeks2days #250818 #firstcomp #slowlybutsurely #gettingthere #novicebodybuilding

A little bit of definition in my tricep! Shame my bicep isn’t defined 😪 oh well still a small victory lol

Another difficult training session done, just feeling so tired all of the time now, lack of energy and lack of motivation. 😪😴

Slowly but surely the definition is coming and getting more noticeable.
Just under 6 weeks to go now!

Struggled massively today! But got it done. With cardio at the end as well!!
Now to try and get some sleep before my night shift! #training #shiftwork #under5weeks

Back work out completed, setting me up for the week ahead. 6 weeks and 5 days to go till my competition, each rep each set, each macro counts more now than ever!
Always been happy with my back, it’s the thickest or the widest but out of all my body parts it seems to be the most defined which is probably why I enjoy training it!
Finished my workout with rack pulls worked my way up to 160kg managed the 6 reps although the last two couldn’t get the lock out so really only 4 reps.
Carbs are low energy is even lower.#keeponkeepingon #firstcomp #250818 #backday #mondaymotivation #novicebodybuilding #6weekstogo

Gone back to my teenage years today with a bit of #newfoundglory for my gym playlist. Memories of skating and spending the summer holidays at woolwich skate park with @thejayman28492 or up town being a nuisance by skating around 🤣
Life was definitely a lot simpler back then 😪

So! I slipped a bit on my diet yesterday and ended up drinking, feel guilty as well as hungover, punished myself in the gym today with a decent but difficult back work out!
Standing pull downs: 7x16,8,8
Underhand pull downs: 25kgx13,11,10
Bent over rows: 80kgx12, 60kgx10,7 with 5 dead stops
Wide grip lat pull downs: 30kgx13,11,11
Rack pulls 60kgx6, 100kgx6, 140kgx6, 180kgx2
Gave myself some extra cardio as well!

Legs today my god was it tough in the heat, f*@&ing hate hack squats but always feel like they work, tried to keep the tension on my quads and not lock my knees or bounce up and down. Got 8 weeks and 5 days to go, time to knuckle down and get the training sessions and cardio in!
#firstcomp #8weekstogo #250818 #noexcuses #crunchtime #grindingitout #hothothot #🌞

Legs today, feeling fucked and shattered a lot more recently. Managed 240kg leg press with a reasonably high and wide stance but only half the reps I managed last year.
Starting to get difficult now still got 10 weeks to go, so time to knuckle down and grind the days and weeks out.
#firstcompetition #bodybuildingnovice #gettingtough #justgetitdone #grinditout #250818

Decent back work out today, the weight is starting to come off down another notch on my belt, and my uniform is getting to big for me at work now, on the last notch of my leather belt there.
#11weekstogo #250818 #firstcompetition #bodybuildingnovice #gettingthere #timetogetserious #nomorecheatmeals #backday #rackpulls

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