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Cullen Adams 

Tilba: ”All tha flamly”

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Eternally grateful to do life with this beautiful soul. @charli_kate I love your vibe, your lust for life, your realness and lack of inhibitions, your kindness, your charm, the way you act when I work my charms on you, your balance between being a lady and being one of the boys, I love you as a mum, I love you as my wife, I love your face, I love your heart and I hope to have it forever, love you bae ❤️ #i #love #my #wife #perfect #match #valentines #day

Saturday night #squad

Happy 1st birthday #tullyrhyladams 🎁

What a journey its been, and what an absolute blessing it is to be your dad! 🥰

I can’t promise that I’ll be there for the rest of your life, but I can promise that you will always be able to lean on me for the rest of mine. #love #tilbakateadams

When I found out Charli was pregnant with Tilba, I had just arrived in London to film The Huntsman.

Soon after I had a dream that we were going to have a girl and she was going to be really smart.

It was so vivid, it felt prophetic, I was convinced it wasn’t merely a dream.

3 years ago this photo was taken, Tilba was 5 days old and 3 years on, I am more convinced than ever that the dream I had was a sign from above.

#throwback #tilbakateadams #blessed

Beautiful Girl Happy Birthday #3

Such a fun age 🤦🏼‍♂️ #9monthsoldtoday #tullyrhyladams

October is dwarfism awareness month. When I first learnt about Dwarfism month, my initial reaction was is this necessary? People are already aware of dwarfism duh! I now understand this is an initiative started by the dwarf community around the world, in an effort to help educate and raise deeper awareness around people with dwarfism.

It’s an initiative designed to help break down the the stigma and taboo around dwarfism and end the discriminatory, derogatory and at times inhumane treatment many people with dwarfism experience.

As a father of 2 innocent, beautiful, intelligent and capable young girls, who happen to have dwarfism, it has become important for me to stand up and do my part for my community, for my family, to raise awareness to this initiative.

One need only read the comments on pretty much all photos of my family, shared by other pages here on Instagram, to understand the need, swipe to see an example.

In this era with social media, my girls will undoubtedly have no choice but to grow up exposed to these daft, callous comments, however collectively as a community, if we can help reduce the incidence, not only for the dwarf community but towards all minority groups, then it’s well worth it. Because smiles and frowns are both contagious, think about the vibe you want to spread! ✌🏼 #dwarfism #dwarfismawareness #dontbedaft #happy #love #smile #daughters #sisters #beautiful #unique #family #cute #life #respect #pride #peace #goodnight

Know anybody with high blood pressure?Tag them here!

Just 3 cups of hibiscus tea a day as been shown to lower high blood pressure, as well as provide many other health promoting benefits.

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