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Divya Sachar  Constantly being mistaken for one, but not a journalist. Or a photo journalist. Or a truth teller of any kind.

Addendum to 'A Family Portrait' series

A family portrait.

It's Indian Independence Day and I'm in no mood to celebrate. I cannot even think of it as long as there is a fascist government in power here. All the hard won freedoms enshrined in the Constitution seem to have been lost as we find ourselves in an illiberal, corrupt, xenophobic atmosphere. Just thank the lord there is art. I look at some of the beautiful pictures so many of you make and I feel glad.
When I took this picture, someone who was present in the room asked me what I got from it. What he essentially meant was, "Are you stupid? (Yes you are.)" After which I tried my best to shield my ears from an anti Muslim conversation taking place in the same room. I take pictures because I too need refuge.

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