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Divya Sachar  Constantly being mistaken for one, but not a journalist. Or a photo journalist. Or a truth teller of any kind.

Celebrated another birthday recently. I have successfully become the very person I thought I would never be - my younger version's worst nightmare. A younger me would have shuddered and even felt ashamed had she known the choices I would go on to make. The older me shudders at the thought that I would have remained the same as before. I am glad the younger version's dreams didn't come true. I am glad that the older version has not stopped dreaming either.

Architecture / Fingers

Bullet holes in a wall at the Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar.



Flowers being reflected on a glass pane.

Decided to take a social media break for some time, but then realized I ❤ some of you amazing guys very much!

Every day I make fresh mistakes. Rapidly greying hair has not brought the kind of wisdom it ought to have.

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