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Mike Cuffe  I am not the product of society, I am the product of my own interpretations of what society should be.This is my life, this is my story.. in pictures

Training might hurt, but battling it out with family always makes it feel better! #thehillcrew with Colonel Ma!!!

I want to play a game.... can you find the cats lol

About this weekend... a few weeks ago, my girlfriend @natasha.koo plants a crazy idea in my head. I have been having the most on and off training season with all my other obligations and never thought I would race at all. But she still believed in me and even wagered going to World Championships this year if I wasn't going to qualify. I didn't even want to sign up to race this weekend but she insisted (she's very persistent) and so I did. After an extremely tough battle on the mountain yesterday I was second guessing returning for the Sprint today... but another amazing warrior @macbx said that we would go out and "have fun" today. Fun seemed to be me chasing her up hills, racing downhill at speeds I've never chanced and even almost loosing a shoulder on a rig... all in all the most amazing thing happened, and by the skin of my teeth I scraped in a World Championship Qualification!!! Its amazing what a little belief (KooBear) and motivation (MCmanator) can do to someone! Thanks again to @onearmy_jbruce and the #OneArmy family for the support, and my partner in crime @brotherbreezy for battling out too!!! Everyone did phenomenal and were out there shining bright. Ahh shoot now I gotta go even harder training for Worlds now πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† @spartanracecanada thanks for a weekend of pain... and glory!!!

The caption over my head says it all. And that was not intentional 😊

The family is back together.... and it makes me so happy 😊 @onearmy_jbruce awesome day at the @spartanracecanada tomorrow.. we do it all again!

My little trophy boy 😊 🐱 #cuteness

All my life I remember the story my dad told me of how he conquered the CN Tower. For years I wanted to be like him and conquer it myself. For a man that speaks so much about overcoming challenges and rising to the occasion I figured it was so metaphorical and befitting to be able to say I not only walked in his shoes, but was able to reach the peak of my own mountain (or the closest thing to it) nothing brought me more joy than to have him cheering for me when I reached the top! This is what my dad is, my greatest support system no matter what. Always in my corner, always motivating me, pushing me. Never allowing me to settle or be mediocre. And I love him for it everyday!!! Happy Fathers Day Pop

Another brilliant day training with the fam. Race day simulation.. we have a love hate relationship lol thanks to my #OneArmy brothers and sisters for the support!!! And @onearmy_jbruce for putting it together

Love getting together with my One Army family to kill some OCR training! @spartanrace one week away! We'll see you on the mountain

In North America, youngsters have the opportunity to pose with a prized fish.... in Jamaica... we catch lizards 🦎 😁😁😁 btw, yes that's me in all pink πŸ˜†


One of the greatest things about returning to Canada was some of the amazing friendships I have made. This one being no different! So happy to workout, fight, travel, eat and party with this amazing human being right here 😊 always screaming "common Mikey pick up that butt lol". Happy Birthday MC!!! It's no coincidence we share the same month and initials 😊😊😊😊 πŸŽ‚

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