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Mike Cuffe  I am not the product of society, I am the product of my own interpretations of what society should be.This is my life, this is my story.. in pictures

This just about sums up my weekend. Doing fit and fun things with my best friends!!!

Last Saturday's Everest (Burpee Edition) was no joke! Only 2 weeks left till Jamaica #guardsmangames @guardsmangroup let the suffering continue!!! @oneacademylife @onearmy_jbruce

For a man who has staked his reputation on "talking too much" I might actually be completely out of words right now. Two years of literally sleepless nights ( having also worked a full time night job) countless assignments, hours of work time, absenteeism from family friends and loved ones, arguments, laughs, bonds and broken relationships, I have FINALLY completed my two year course in Digital Media (well minus an internship). The decision to do this was a lifetime in making, but I can honestly say that the kick in the ass to go ahead and do it was borne from an unfortunate situation in my life. But like the great Morgan Freeman says you have two choices when faced with adversity... "get busy living, or get busy dying" and dammit I chose well 😊 way too many people to thank who held me up through it all. I'll have future posts dedicated to you all. But for now, I'm gonna sip on this @appletonestateja and coke and start to plan the next few years of my life.. because I promise you this, they are going to be amazing πŸ˜‰

We walk around parading the finished product like It was something that was sipped from a bottle, but this is the side of us people don't usually get to see. When we sweat... when we're out of breath, in pain, pushing harder and harder, fighting to achieve impossible goals and overcome ridiculous obstacles. This is the side people don't want to see because they don't want to believe that the only way to achieve success is through back breaking hard work. So we smile and post the finished product, because the truth is, people can't handle the truth!!! @oneacademylife

The next time someone tells me "oh Mariah is getting old that's why she can't hit those high notes" check my man Philip Bailey from Earth Wind and Fire last Sunday....

The real duck face πŸ¦†

@ocr_wookie they love to get you while you sleeping! Good thing I wasn't drooling this time

Running through the woods with my "woahs"... #trailblazing

Today at 11am my girl @therealmiamazin teams up with my bro @onearmy_jbruce to bring you "Collision" at @oneacademylife this is going to be epic!!!!!

With the amount of working out I do a week, I expose my face to nothing but dirt, sweat, sun damage and grime all the time. I don't want to look like a sponge when I'm 50 so I make sure to get my cleanse on and this awesome charcoal mask my mama hooked me up with from @marykayus watch all that mess being sucked right out of your pores!!! Ladies... get your man on this! #RealMenCleanse get at me if you interested in this and other products and I can hook you up (mama knows best) !!! Don't worry fellas you can private message, I won't tell πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

7 years ago, after finally getting my fitness under control, I made a vow to never allow myself to go over 200 lbs again. I managed to maintain this up until last year when all the stress of doing full time school and working a full time job got the best of me, and I slowly watched myself slip back up to an uncomfortable 210. Running times go up by 8 minutes and overall feeling like slow and lazy during each workout. Added to that my favourite place in the world to be was no more and my fitness family was disbanded. Then a month ago a miracle happened and @onearmy_jbruce brought us all back together as an army at @oneacademy no longer was I left to fight this alone but I had a whole team behind me motivating me through each work out, pushing me to go faster and harder. In less than a month I've seen my running times drop, my strength return and today for the first time I re-entered the minus 200 club. There are way too many people to name, but know that they are all a part of that army including my ultimate right hand πŸ˜‰ @natasha.koo I still have along way to go, but never has crushing goals seemed more possible than when you have the support of your brothers and sisters! So glad to be back in business πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Crushing goals!!! At @oneacademylife thanks @onearmy_jbruce for another one. My bro @mikema_416 and The Army always there to support! And this crazy one on my back 😝 @natasha.koo making sure I never punk out!!!

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