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Nicolee Drake  American photographer based in Rome, Italy. Snapchat/Twitter @cucinadigitale e:

Watch your step.

Havana vibes #cuba

Svegliarsi all'alba e godersi un dolce risveglio...è il segreto di una gioia interiore. #skydigioia Cosa vi rende felice? #sharemyjoy @ArmaniBeauty
#Armanibeauty #inpartnershipwithArmaniBeauty

Ostia #romanity

Where the light gets in. #itsistanbul

More balloons with @sultan_cave_suites

Hagia Sophia with @inflowtravel #itsistanbul

Up, up and away 🎈🎈🎈

My new Kilim, from @sultan_carpets, handmade in 1947 by a woman from Konya, Turkey named Elif. You can see the date woven in at the top of the carpet, and to the bottom right you'll find the weaver's name stitched backward with the loom. It took me three days to choose this piece with the help of Ali, the store owner, and one of the most hospitable people I've met. If you're in Göreme, stop in for a cup of tea and say hello.

Uchisar Castle

Home in Cappadocia @sultan_cave_suites

Cappadocia vibes 🦋 I finally caught up with these balloons this morning with @samhorine

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