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MOVMEANT THERAPEUTIC ARTS  YoganceTherapy@gmail.com 👇 NYC 7/9 TORONTO 9/30,10/1 MIAMI 10/14,15 MONTERREY 10/20-22 LONDON 2/2,3 2018 OSLO 2/9-11 2018


And to that.. a good night. 🖕🏽it. #imnotthedollarstore

Nothing in life is certain. We are constantly being thrown, pushed, torn, pulled in every direction. Constant choices, emotions & thoughts. If we paid attention to every little bit our mind had to say we could drive ourselves crazy. I prefer to listen to my body. It tells me what the next move is without much of a warning. Weight shifts to the left... i guess I'm going left... i fall back... i guess I'm going back. I can try to resist all I want but that'll just result in injury so I let go of control & choose to go with the flow. The more I listen, respond & breathe, the more the sensations in my body & my primitive instincts can do the work of the reptilian brain. The emotions are there. They always will be, I'm human & I love them. But I also want to be conscious of my primitive reactions. My intuitive sense of survival & knowing what I need to do make it through another day whole, so I practice. What I can assure myself today through my new found knowledge & consistency of my practice, is that I CHOOSE to be loved WHOLE. "I am too full of life to be half loved." - quote by Ijeoma Umbinyuo . Music By siete raíces -------------------------------
▪️NEW YORK CITY - July 9th - 12-2pm @ PMT STUDIOS : 69 W 14th St, Fl 3, New York, NY 10011. No sign up or mat needed. $40 cash & exact change please. #RAW #honestyisthehighestformofrespect #truthseeker #beyoutiful #selfcare #selflove #movefree #MOvMEANTTherapeuticARTS #MovMEANT #movementismedicine #movementherapy #DMT #Danceyourwaytolove #movementculture #movementtherapy #movementartist ##knowmyworth #notsettlingforanyless #Thisiswhat40lookslike

I do believe the universe removes people from your life for a reason. Sometimes it's your conscious choice & sometimes not. Either way I'm learning not to chase anymore but to let go and trust. Allowing people to partake in your life is a BIG DEAL! I don't take the energies that come in & out of my experience lightly. If they no longer serve me, it's time to go, no matter who they might be. By "serve" I don't mean what they can do for me, I refer to how they make me feel. Toxic energies will eventually make you toxic. There's no time for that. Who you surround yourself with will influence who you become to some degree. We are a product of our environment & the energies that surround us. If someone makes you feel less than, smaller, unimportant, insignificant, doesn't flat out see your beauty... GET OUT! You are not "winning" or proving anything to anyone by sticking around & 'making things work'. "On a biological level success doesn't mean winning, it means surviving" - quote from Waking The Tiger. So often our ego wants to WIN. Prove we got this, we can make it work, we can deliver on the dream / promise we made. We convince ourselves of it! What about just surviving? Making it through another day, another moment with infinite amounts self love & self worth determining the choices you make. Assisting yourself by providing an environment of people & energies that support you, love you, care for you, RESPECT YOU, WANT TO BE WITH YOU, SEE YOU and make you that much better. Anything other than that.... lock the door and throw away the key! I'm out. #beyoutiful #selfcare #selflove #honestyisthehighestformofrespect #truthseeker ##MovMEANT #openjournal #cuchithoughts #clarity

Some love is tainted, so the question is, was it ever really love? I LOVE this definition of LOVE (no pun intended) by Mary C Lamia Ph.D. on a blog she wrote on psychologytoday.com called "Is it love or is it confusion?" She writes, "a healthy version of love as involving two individuals who maintain their separate identities, yet intimately join together based on mutual interests, excitement, enjoyment, the sharing of novel or stimulating experiences, & a shared capacity to learn from the negative emotions they experience." 🙌🏽👈🏾 note to all the single men out there, that's what I'm in search of & add on to that #anHONESTman 😉. Anyways, flirting aside, this 👆has been hard as shit to find 😂! So many other emotions/ desires can make us believe we are experiencing love when really they're disguised in a bombastic LOVE Halloween costume. I've had two long term relationships (8yrs & 13yrs) & I often still wonder if what I experienced was LOVE or something disguised as love aka #CONFUSION ? That's something I believe time will tell & I already have some private thoughts about that but in the meantime NO MORE TAINTED LOVE for Mama Cuchira! I don't care what the package looks like, or how fucking fancy it is, I'm only interested in the integrity of what lives inside. LOVE... are you out there??? #WhatisLove #babydonthurtme #Nomore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thanks to @chelayogallc for giving me some serious #SELFLOVE self make out playtime in their studio 🤣. Everyone should make out with themselves at least once a day. #MovementisMedicine #MOvMEANTTherapeuticARTS #LOVE #healing #MovMEANT #movementtherapy #movementculture #movementartist #beyoutiful

I've always been a person that moves from an internal energetic emotional connectivity. My mind does not process as quickly, profoundly or wholly as my body does. My body prints out clear maps of my emotional inner landscape that my words or thoughts simply cannot. I'm not a person who THINKS things through, I FEEL them through. I trust 100% in my felt sense, it has never let me astray. In fact it has led me, with great care & intention to this point of my life. Today I see with such clarity that I am where I need to be. Our intelligent body has a way of putting things in which words simply cannot, that is unique only to self. Some feelings are so complex & intertwined that words for that exact emotion doesn't even exist but the sensation inside the body says it all with such ease. BODY SPEAK. If you learn to listen to your primitive self, where we resolved through instinctual impulses of feeling intelligently & not always analytical processing of the mind, you might find yourself living your most raw, pure, authentic life. #MOVMEANTTHERAPEUTICARTS #movMEANT #DANCE #FEELING #feltsense #onelove #beyoutiful #movementmeditation #movementculture #movefree #movementismedicine #movementOVERmind #play #explore #sense #feel #dance #yogaeverydamnday #yogadance #yogafordancers #bodyspeak #joshuatree #california #movethroughtrauma

This is what happens when you're a super cool studio owner that tells me I can go move around in their space whenever I want and leaves their iPod laying around with the best 80's playlist of all time 😂! And yes, clearly I love karaoke (you'll be seeing a lot more of that while I'm in Japan July 12 - September 1st) so get that mute button ready people 😎😩. Thanks Marlo, your studio @chelayogallc in Waterford, Michigan is inspiring and heartfelt. I felt right at home and I'm excited for tomorrow's 1-3pm workshop. STILL SPOTS LEFT! No sign up needed. Just come and play. ALL LEVELS WELCOME (16 years of age and up). And yeah, we will be doing some of that 👆😜❤️ See you guys tomorrow and thanks for today. Felt a lot of love and realness in that room 🙏❤️. 💋(To view the rest of the crazy 80's happenings above go to my LIVE story) and ps... I had so much damn fun dancing to this music again I think I'll be doing some special occasion pop up 80's movement therapy classes. Who's in? #JAZZHANDSandSPLITLEAPS _________________________________________________ #movementherapy #MOVMEANTTHERAPEUTICARTS #movementismedicine #movefree #movementculture #movementmeditation #dmt #dancetolive #beyoutiful #onelove #OpenHeartEqualsAnOpenMind #flashdance #whatAFeeling #DanceWithMe

Was giving this lady madd props for holding such a beastly #chaturangadandasana for the longest with such ease. Then I realized my eyes betrayed me when I zoomed in my camera lens and noticed the beach lounger, HAHAHAHHA🤣! #beastmode #dontbelievethehype #formonpointtho #propsdocomeinhandy 👈🏾I'm bringing a beach lounger to my next yoga class along with some blocks and straps 😂😂😂 #makemesomeroom #savemeaspot

Smooth & slow, riding the wave of love & forgiveness. Releasing ALL expectations, letting the vibrations of the universe guide me towards my next steps. Took me a long time to get here but I've arrived, and it feels great! Mind is calm, heart is open, breath is smooth, movement is spontaneous, the future is an unknown glory of opportunity. I trust, I feel, I am. All else I release with love. It is a CHOICE to let go of ego. Being "right", getting revenge, trying to manipulate/control, hanging onto pain, etc... non of that will set you free. Your ego will keep you a prisoner so long as you choose it, but forgiveness and letting go will release you from the chains. I am free. #movMEANT #movementtherapeuticarts #dmt #movefree #release #letgo #believe #trust #movementculture #movement #movementherapy #movementartist #movemetmeditation #movementismedicine #beyoutiful #onelove #selflove #dance #yogaeverydamnday

I don't believe I've ever been alone, as in not without a partner of some sort to share my everyday with. As a kid I had my parents, then I had my coach, then I had long relationships & a marriage. At 40 years old I find myself flying solo for the first time since I can remember. Funny enough I'm a super independent person & LOVE me time, but when shit hits the fan & you find yourself solita for REALZ & no longer married, it's a very different type of solo living than, "I'm taking myself on a solo date honey. I'll see you later tonight. Love you." It's been interesting. I've noticed lots of phases. First, the 'HELL YEAH' moment of I can do whatever I want & I don't have to answer to anyone 🖕🏽✌🏽. Shortly after, the 'f*ck I'm so alone' moment, this sucks 😕. Then it gets heartbreaking bad 👉🏾missing companionship, desiring touch & affection, quiet nights of talking to myself just so I can hear my voice. Hitting that rock bottom when ALONE=LONELY. But happy to say ALONE is feeling empowering these days. Today was a magical solo ride. Drove along an empty highway whilst scatting along w/ jazz music playing in the car, read a book at my fav Detroit cafe over a cashew-almond cappuccino, pulled off the side of the road, singing Madonna's "Just Like a Prayer" unapologetically loud & cracking up at myself as I watched the sunset, danced in the aisles at the Whole Foods with an imaginary dance partner who was killing the salsa game as Marc Anthony played on the supermarket speakers & took an amazing nap, with an even more amazing dream 😜, where I finally no longer slept on "my" side of the bed. In fact I slept in a full on middle split with pointed toes!🙌🏽😂. I'm excited to continue my solo travels throughout Southeast Asia, allowing myself to grow deeper into who I am as an individual who's self love makes me giggle out loud for no reason other than it feels damn good to be with me 🙏☺️. ▪️Image credit: Pinterest, quotes & thoughts. Use of Image not intended for monetary gain. #movementculture #movementismedicine #movementmeditation #cuchithoughts #openjournal #openheart #beyoutiful #love #selfcare #selflove #loveyourself #onedayatatime #alone #solitude

I don't know what happened🤔... last thing I remember, I arrived in Detroit, drove to Waterford Michigan for my workshops this weekend @chelayogallc & Ringstar studio, got to my hotel, took a nap, had the most incredible dream I've had in years and somehow woke up in this position 👆(conscious enough I guess to use my freed up hands to cover up my nipples so I could post it on social media 🤣😜). That's all I remember. I promise 😉 #yogaeverywhere #hotelyoga #movementherapy #movementculture #movementismedicine #DMT #movementmeditation #play #beyoutiful #fuckit

Life isn't always pretty, sometimes you gotta get savage. #TheManySidesofHumanity ▫️
▫️JUMPSUIT BY @segrasoul - I'm a jumpsuit slut so this makes me very happy 😊
HERE WE GO MICHIGAN! STILL SPOTS LEFT! Come and play! #MovementisMedicine ▫️
▪️WATERFORD, MICHIGAN - JUNE 24TH & 25TH - @chelayogallc 
7631 Highland Rd. Waterford, MI. 48327
Sign up: chela-yoga.com ▪️Ann Arbor, MI. - June 26th, 7:30-9:30pm @ Ringstar Studio. Address: 3907 Varsity Dr Ann Arbor, MI 48108 #MovementisMedicine #danceitout

MICHIGAN TOMORROW I FLY TO YOU! Can't wait, Michigan always brings the good stuff ☺️👍🏽. Sign up is still available for all workshops posted on YOGANCE.COM & ya know what, if you can't sign up, just show up. The more, the merrier. I've said it before & I'll say it over and over again, ALL WORKSHOPS ARE TRULY FOR ALL LEVELS! As long as you have a body that has a desire to move & explore & still got some breath in ya, you qualify to attend my workshops. I just need living people lol. +16 years of age is required. All that attend leave saying the same thing, "it's an inner massage, an internal cleansing". Come & move with me, I promise you'll be happy you did 😊. And if not, oh well, you'll never have to do it again, 🤣🤣🤣 (that's my pitch)... ONE LOVE. (Swipe left on picture to view all upcoming workshops. Go to Yogance.com for all further info, sign ups, bio, and fun stuff, YouTube channel links and more...)

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