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MOVMEANT THERAPEUTIC ARTS 👇 JAPAN till 9/1 TORONTO 9/30,10/1 MIAMI 10/14,15 MONTERREY 10/20-22 LONDON 2/2,3 2018 OSLO 2/9-11 2018

I am 100% feeling. It's the thing I love & hate most about myself. Someone asked me the other day how I can live with my heart always so open? I'll admit, it's not easy to constantly feel so deeply. I have to use a lot of mantras throughout the day so I don't end up feeling like a nutbag. I've learned the art of talking myself through things, like a personal love guide. Before I use to just feel my way through things & it led me towards a path of constant heartbreak. This is something I'm still working on, how to maneuver through life with an open heart & not get repeatedly stabbed. It's in my nature to love, to give, to not think of myself first but at this point in my life I don't think my poor delicate heart can live like that anymore. So there's a balance I'm trying to find. Sometimes I succeed, most times I fail but hey, I'm alive and kickin'! I have a feeling I'll figure this thing out in my deathbed with a ton more stories to tell. Till then, may this sensitive heart not burn to deeply in the fire, maybe I can just lightly toast. Wish me luck. #cuchithoughts #movmeanttherapeuticarts #MovMEANT #feeling #feel

I've been a bit missing in action this past month in a half getting my personal life sorted, being in Japan, working my ass off & re-finding myself. Yesterday I checked the news, saddened out of my mind to hear of Heather Heyer, Charlottesville & the disgusting Neo Nazi, white supremacy gatherings that have been taking place in my country. To greater disgust, & no surprise, the disgrace of our president. There is no place for beating around the bush here. This account is about sharing my life in hopes to inspire others to be free, bold, kind, loving & brave but to ignore this issue & not take a stand that racism is just fucking wrong and utterly repulsive is the same as supporting this hatred. So I make it known today that I stand for love and equality, always will, always have. Too many people have given their lives in efforts to unite us. To not speak up and stand up feels just straight up wrong. Hate and division have no place anywhere. We must continue to stand up for human & civil rights however we can. Sending blessings, love and deep respect to all that have suffered because of the violence & hatred that exists in our world. I pray everyday that one day we can all see how impactful and powerful love, understanding & unity is. One love. ONE LOVE. 〰Ps: I'm tempted to turn off commenting here because there's really no discussion to be had. Hate is hate. Period. There is no defending it. If comments become disrespectful and cruel I will turn off commenting or possibly delete my account. This is a topic that demands peace, love and respect. I kindly thank you. Come with love 🙏❤️

Missing my dear New York City. NYC is my home. The only place I've ever truly felt accepted. I love you NY. You taught me endless lessons and let me live out loud with no apologies! You feed my fire & caress my desires. You are one passionate all accepting place on earth. You take no shit, you create survivors & bless dreams. Here's my favorite song about New York 👉🏾 Billie Holiday "Autumn In New York". Hope everyone is having a beautiful day or night where ever in the world you call home. One love. #NEWYORK #NYC #home #movmeanttherapeuticarts #Yoga #rooftops #MovMEANT #beyoutiful

Surprise! Hahah, you never know what's gonna pop out at you or what every second will bring. Be open to all experiences & possibilities so magic can happen. Fear not the unknown for that is where the good juicy stuff lives that makes you feel alive. Enjoy the present with no expectation, release the past with a kind thank you for the gift of lessons learned, and invite the future in with an open mind and heart. That's living to the fullest. Every moment is a gift. Stay present.
Photo credit: Youichirou Ito (photographer). From the show Fuerzabruta Wa currently playing in Shinagawa, Tokyo at the Stellar Ball theatre. #fuerzabrutawa #artist #movmeanttherapeuticarts #movefree #dmt #MovMEANT #PLAY #beyoutiful #onelove

Today's pre show warm up playtime @fb_tokyo .#movmeanttherapeuticarts #MovMEANT #beyoutiful #ONELOVE

〰Meetings With The Other Side 〰Trying to find peace away from the tourist madness we stroll onto an off the beat path down by a river bed. Exhausted from a heavy work week & little sleep, I lay down on a bed of rocks that gives the sensation of being at the acupuncturists office. Trying to find the most effective technique towards ultimate comfort, I lay on the rocks, then strategically remove the ones that are digging into my spine & replace others to find pressure points. In exhaustion from the heat & the 6am wake up call to catch the early train from Tokyo to Kyoto, my body gives in, the discomfort of natures bed turns into the sensation of a heavenly massage that knocks me out cold & transports me into another dimension of consciousness. I sense mosquitoes teasing me but I'm to tired to physically deal with them so I ask my mind to transform them into something more useful. Appears... hundreds of butterflies that pick my body up off the rocks. I float effortlessly into a new reality escaping my cocoon. I'm in solitude bliss. Alone, quiet, weightless, peaceful, empty in the most beautiful of ways. I fly into this alternative universe for what feels like hours but in "reality" it's only 30 minutes. My eyes open, I sit up. Not sure where I am. I feel the cold rocks digging into my back, mist from the river, the sound of my friends laughter & natures soothing music. I know for sure I just met freedom. I smile & lay back on the rocks, Thank You Universe, Thank you.
#listening #freedom #peace #meetingswiththeotherside #movmeanttherapeuticarts #movmeant #dreams #tokyo #kyoto #beyoutiful #movement #yoga #meditation #bliss #nature #theotherside #free #peaceful #grateful

Please do not take this seriously... 'okh' ... well maybe just a little 😜. Throwback to Slovenia acting ridiculous on a dope ass set during lunch time. @eroclydon and I got to making silly movies trying to entertain ourselves during a commercial shoot. We were dying laughing throwing out the most ridiculous ideas of how over the top dramatic this character was. Let's just say, we eventually drew a crowd and never ate lunch lol. As @eroclydon said "it was an exercise in being absolutely present and ridiculous." Be sure to play, it never gets old. •Directed and edited by @Eroclydon
•Performed and choreographed by @cuchira •Music by FEDER - Goodbye featuring Lyse. #play #movmeanttherapeuticarts #MovMEANT #slovenia #drama

The vast unknown. Such a beautiful place to live. #MovMEANT #FLY

Craving the energy of my dear palm trees (little side note: my name Tamara means palm tree🌴). Soon ... very soon. Indonesia awaits ☺️🙏 3 more weeks.... 🌴🌴🌴#beyoutiful #movmeanttherapeuticarts #Movemeant

The body is so intelligent. Injuries, pain, sensations are YOUR BODY TALKING LOUD! I truly believe there is no injury that happens "just because". The mind-body are so interconnected they speak to us on a constant basis. If we stop to listen we can learn a lot from these beYOUtiful cocoons we live in. I've been working in Tokyo for the past month. To say it's been intense is an understatement (although incredibly liberating & fun). This has been the 1st trip I've taken since grieving & coming to terms with the end of a 13 yr relationship & friendship. This trip has brought laughter back into my life. It's allowed me to finally BREATHE. All the tension my body was storing from the last couple years has released. With that kind of intense liberation comes pleasure but also exhaustion. My hip has been bothersome these last few days which has been no surprise to me. I've never had hip problems in my life & still don't in all actuality. This is my wise body letting go, or as my Japanese massage therapist Sumida said, "STORAGE" (he knows only 3 English words: STORAGE & HOLY SHIT, which I proudly taught him as he was digging his strong massive thumbs into my hip.) Hips store emotional & physical trauma, fear of relationships, the future & holding on to the past. These are all aspects of myself I've worked through with this immense change in my life, thus making this pain non surprising. It's actually been freeing. Knowing that these emotional blocks are finally ready to say goodbye. Storage you say? Boy, am I ready to sell all my old shit & throw away the key! ✌️ #movmeanttherapeuticarts #MovMEANT #FCKIT #STORAGE #FREE #cuchithoughts #beyoutiful #ONELOVE #letskeepitmoving

Life is meant to be lived. Take risks. Have opinions. Be vulnerable. Embrace love. Live bold.
Footage from @fb_tokyo
Inspired by my fellow performers also featured in the footage above 👉🏾 @brunolopezaragon @tomas_wurch
Music "Bruxo"

"Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible."- urban dictionary.
I believe passion can't be taught. You either have it or you don't. You either feel it or you don't. Passion isn't something you think about, it's something that speaks so loudly it's impossible to ignore! Passion is the most dominant emotion of my personality. Sometimes that's a good thing & sometimes it's a not so good thing. It gets me in trouble a lot but man oh man, is life all the grander for it. Without it life would be quite a bore. Passion excites the world in me & around me. At times it can be frustrating, it's desires greater than I can sometimes grant it's wishes. But it's what keeps the fire burning within & creates an unstoppable desire to never give up and sore. "Never underestimate the power of passion.” -Eve Sawyer, damn, was Eve ever so right!
#movmeanttherapeuticarts #movMEANT

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