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Cubbi Thompson πŸ”ͺ  Professional model, cam girl, highly sarcastic 2nd insta @cubbixo Twitter-@cubbixoxo YouTube- cubbithompson πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

So many exciting projects in the works! Hope I don't make a 'spectacle' of myself!

Summer is not my favorite season it's too hot but the only good things that come out of summer is my bday and watermelons! Had some watermelon yesterday and it was the best!! Truly one in a 'melon' πŸ‰

It's been raining for days! But it's ok I was prepared I knew it was going to rain I could feel it in my 'bones' πŸ’€

I have offically launched my very own website!! Go check it out at (or link in my bio) 😍

You guys I'm nominated for Cam girl of the year and Best gothic cam!! If I win this could be my 'Crowning' achievement
Go follow my Twitter for how you can help me win! @cubbixoxo

I was wearing a cute shirt until I realized it had a picture of a bull on it so I took it off it was 'Bull Shirt' πŸƒ

I put glitter on to pretend like I was at Coachella and now I 'glitter'ally cant get it off..send help πŸ™ƒ

Was about to get captured again but he rescued me! Now I have a 'boba-fetish'
May the fourth be with you!

Boba fett - @aaronrabe

When people ask if I have any talents..ha! 'May'be 😏😎
Happy may 1st!!

I used to live by the beach and 'seas' the day now I just wear bikinis everywhere cause lifes my 'beach'

A lot of people think I'm really creepy I dont know why the only thing I have in common with Voorhees, Myers, Krueger, Bates ,and Lecter is a spoon and bowl! Massive 'cereal' killer over here!! πŸ”ͺπŸ₯„πŸ”ͺπŸ₯„ 'Killer' tank top sent from @jad.dovey and I'm OBSESSED go check out his horror merch!!

Ate some tacos for lunch..they fell apart before I could even eat them..I dont want to 'Taco' bout it

2nd for bonus pics - @cubbixo

Update..No you cannot see my nipple in this photo try again..

Message from Posion Ivy:
I think we all need to remember to treat mother nature extra special today on 4/20. I truly think 'Weed' make a great pair. Have it be 50/50 'Joint' custody if you will. If we do it together we can say..YES WE CANabis! πŸŒ±βœ”

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