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C U Λ Π K O Γ S Τ Ξ Π  Follower of Christ. I sing and play slide guitar for a living. "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose" - Jim Elliot

Safety gear is important. Not wearing it doesn't make you brave, just stupid. Next time you're tempted to skip the precautions, just go and find out what an eye replacement costs these days...



On that baby prep grind. Thanks @hlegodfrey.

When your brother surprises you with an amazing gift for no reason other than he loves you...

When you accidentally create thermite.


Some scenes from my birthday. Managed to save our house and a few others. #stayedtofight #neversaydie #knysnafire

Sunset over Brenton-on-sea.
Photo: @hornjaco

Today sucked. Was going to go fishing but decided to stay home and do some work. On the plus side, wearing 2 sets of gloves saved the tendon. #anglegrinder #accidentshappen #nobluesguitarforawhile

What's up...

D'urbanmist Guest House

A mountain.

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