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#Hammock views of the #Samui #Sunset from my meme vacay with dem Hong Kong kids. πŸ“· by @cassandra2swagz πŸ”₯

#KohLipe is on my creepy shit, feels like the intro to some shitty JRPG lmao, anyone else getting Kingdom Hearts vibes from this pic? πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

The #ErawanTemple is N A M A S T E as fuck lmao help

Low-flying airplane over #MahoBeach, #StMaarten, photo credit @TheTravelingStoryGirl! Such a ridiculous sight to see, I would've lost my shit hahah

#WatMahathat is probably the most well kept area of #Ayutthaya, shit is dope. Hardly anyone around here, not a single Chinese tourist in site. The silence is calming.

Sharing the most bland #TravelPics from my #KoSamui trip ironically. Look at this piece of shit, it has absolutely zero artistic merit and adds nothing to your feed. You're wasting your time following me, I swear.

#Ayutthaya is really something else. Feeling like #IndianaJones up in this bitch taking photos of #AncientRuins. Really makes ya think, wonder how these temples were made. I'm not saying it was aliens, but...aliens. #WatPhraRam

#KohSamui got some dope ass beaches and I spent time on exactly 1 of them my entire trip lmao. We ain't even swim, just went to play with puppies #chillaf

#ChawengBeach is love/life. I should really spend more time #IslandHopping when I get the chance. My current contract in BKK is up end of the month, so maybe I'll head down to #Samui again soon #DigitalNomadLife

holla at @cassandra2swagz if u wanna live that #VillaLife? Pre-Reqs: Must run a #SpicyMeme page with 200k+ fans #AnantaraLawana #BudgetTravel

#MemeLord status achieved: This super creepy fan (@cassandra2swagz) of my Asian meme page flew me out to #KohSamui for the weekend to party on her dime. #VillaLife #LilYachty #GoldWatch

Pro Tip: You can get into most 5 star hotel's pools without a keycard in #Bangkok πŸ”₯ #DigitalNomad

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