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CTPH Uganda  Conservation Through Public Health.

In the second photo we see Karungyi eating some leaves. Karungyi is the oldest female of the group with 31 years. She was part of Rushegura gorilla group for many years before transferring to Mubare gorilla group a few years ago. She stayed close to Kanyonyi, the former lead silverback of Mubare group until he sadly died. It took her a few moths to join other members of her group who had transferred to join Maraya after he fought with Kanyonyi, who later became too weak to keep up with the rest of the group. Sadly when this happened she lost her infant. She has been seen to come and greet Maraya with a hug, similar to humans. Her name means beautiful; she is the calm member of the group.
Photo (1) credit: @goristagram_
Photo (2) credit: Nicola Brown

This is Maraya. He recently took over Kanyonyi as the dominant silverback of the Mubare family. He is known for his nature of moving between groups in search for females to mate with; he was previously a solitary gorilla. He found Kanyonyi in a weakened state, and so when they fought, Kanyonyi was left even weaker which enabled Maraya to take over the Mubare group. As is natural for gorillas, he killed some of the infant gorillas that were not his, in order for him to be able to make his own children and carry on his bloodline.
Photo (1) credit: @Nicola Brown
Photo (2) credit: @ilani.brown_156

Photo credit: @raquelberingei
Did you know that gorillas share 98 percent of human DNA? Despite the power they possess, the gorillas are actually gentle creatures with human-like characteristics. However, they are critically endangered, which is why it is our duty to protect them and ensure their continued survival. At CTPH, not only have we reduced cross species disease transmission through gorilla health monitoring program and analysing fecal samples in gorillas, people and livestock, we have also improved community health through Village Health and Conservation Teams who bring services and educate the local community on the links between conservation, public health, ecotourism, and sustainable alternative livelihoods. We believe that the best way to ensure the gorillas’ health is to ensure harmonious living with the neighbouring communities.
Your support has enabled us to do this, please help us to continue our work by giving a donation at @https://ctph.networkforgood.com/projects/55060-help-us-save-the-world-s-remaining-mountain-gorillas or @www.ctph.org

It’s the holiday season, so why not take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the gorillas! At Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, CTPH offers affordable accommodation so that you can see the gorillas for yourself!

Hello everyone, here are some facts you may not know about the mountain gorillas

Buffalo Serosurveillance being carried out in Queen Elizabeth National Park by our CTPH team. This activity involves darting the buffaloes and collecting blood samples from them. #wildlifeconservation

Last week, our CEO and founder Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka gave a presentation at International School of Uganda. She talked about ecosystems, wildlife and work done by CTPH to the current Grade Four class. The students were fascinated by the work done by CTPH to conserve wildlife, especially gorillas. We were greatly inspired when the previous Grade Four class handed over Ugx.694,950 to Dr. Gladys, which they raised after she gave them a presentation in September 2016. Thank you #internationalschoolofuganda ,we are grateful.

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is surrounded by pastoral communities. We trained Community Animal Health Workers who work to improve livestock health and reduce diseases transferred to wildlife. #withnature #worldenvironmentday2017

HUGOs are community volunteers who safely chase gorillas back into the forest and away from community land to help reduce human-wildlife conflict. We also trained HUGOs to collect gorilla fecal samples which are then analyzed for potential diseases. Our community volunteers are #withnature #worldenvironmentday2017

Communities living around Queen Elizabeth National Park encourage her elephants regularly! This past year community members, who were volunteers trained by CTPH, helped to rescue a baby elephant, Edward, who had been left behind by his herd. Edward is now safely living at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe, Uganda. #withnature #worldenvironmentday2017

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to some of the most unique biodiversity in the world including the endangered mountain gorilla. Our programs work with the communities to conserve these precious areas. #worldenvironmentday2017 #withnature

Francis Tukwasibwe is a HUGO and VHCT community volunteer with CTPH! He teaches his community about protecting the endangered mountain gorilla and is improving access to modern contraceptives. Join Francis this #WorldEnvironmentDay2017 #WithNature

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