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Connected Through Inquiry  #CTInquiry: A curious community of learners. Reggio Emilia inspired challenges by @joannebabalis, @creative_explorations @creativeplayideas @i2learn

Our image of the child shapes how it is we build relationships with our youngest of learners. When we consider the lens through which we see children, do we slow down long enough to include children’s perspectives of who they are as learners, as learning partners, as human beings co-constructing shared relationships? 📷 taken @thebishopstrachanschool #cti_imageofchild #cti #ctinquiry #reggioinspired

“Through their play, children remind us to really see, with wide-open eyes, all the possibilities.” -Susan Stacey (Inquiry- Based Learning Environments: Creating, Supporting, and Collaborating) 📸: @joannebabalis taken by @clarkylaura #ctinquiry #cti_imageofchild

How does our approach to teaching and learning relate to our image of the child? Dahlberg & Moss discuss a pedagogy of listening, "The child in a pedagogy of listening is seen as intelligent, capable of making meaning of the world from his or her own experiences." They reflect on the teachers role, "An intelligent child requires a teacher who is intellectually curious, and like the child, searching constantly for meaning; co-constructing knowledge as provisional theories and understandings." From Ethics and Politics in Education, Ch. 5. Thank you @be.in.wonder for sharing this photo of children actively exploring. I wonder what discoveries were made during this experience! 🍃
#ctinquiry #cti_imageofchild #reggioinspired

Loris Malaguzzi was once quoted saying the image of the child as gifted and the image of the educators as gifted. How often do we think of our students and ourselves in this way ? (Photo of G in the TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Centre @joannebabalis captured by @lemondropzphotography)

"Education begins the minute we children as innately wise and capable beings. Only then can we play along in their world" - V Gowman
Creating clay nests in response to a child who wondered: "Why don't birds have beds?" Love the collection of natural materials here and the research into nests made visible through the children's work. 📸@learning_lenses
#cti_imageofchild #ctinquiry

Welcoming October with the “Image of the Child.” .
“[O]ur image of children no longer considers them as isolate and egocentric, does not see them only engaged in action with objects, does not emphasize only the cognitive aspects, does not belittle feelings or what is not logical, and does not consider with ambivalence the role of the affective domain. Instead our image of the child is rich in potential, strong, powerful, competent, and most of all, connected to adults and other children.” Loris Malaguzzi .
Our view of the child is fundamental to how we build relationships, interact and engage children within learning opportunities and life. We are slowing down this month to reflect on our beliefs about the capabilities of children. Let’s celebrate the potential and gifts of our young learners. Share your photos to the #cti_imageofchild and #ctinquiry. We are so inspired by the work of Nicole and her @naturallycuriouschildren page. Nicole will be our guest host/judge for the month of October as we consider the image of the child. If you are not following Nicole’s page go now and give her some love. She shares open ended play experiences, art classes, nature and her beautiful family all within the Reggio Emilia Approach. We are thrilled she could join us this month. Nicole will select four photos to share on October 31st, 2018 before the next challenge is announced. *You may also wish to tag older posts that match our focus. #ctinquiry #cti_imageofchild #reggioemilia #earlyyears 📷: @joannebabalis .

We are delighted to announce the following selections from this month’s @ctinquiry challenge #cti_thearts: @imagination.morethan.knowledge @saintthesky @tinkertoys.my and @mariabrincasombra We cannot thank our guest host/judge enough for guiding us through this amazing month filled with fabulous art experiences. @louisa.penfold we are so grateful for all that you shared!
Congratulations!!! To everyone who joined us by sharing to the hashtag.  It was very inspiring to see your ideas about the arts.
Everyone’s participation and posts were very much appreciated.  Your images/captions will continue to act as a resource for us to refer back to!

This series is currently inspiring my work !! Have you heard of or used this one? I will share them both in the stories before the end of the day. #ctiquiry #cti_thearts

Thank you @playexplorelearn for reminding us of the wonderful opportunities we can have daily with our read-alouds and the arts.

Switching the surface that our children create upon can also inspire their mark making ! Loving these mirrors for painting @jennifermasonece !! Thanks for sharing !! #ctinquiry #cti_thearts

Explorations with colour bring out rich conversation among children. As they discuss colour, and texture using mediums and tools in the atelier, children begin to see that their creations, as well as their friend’s’ creations, are important and worthy of celebration. While playing with brush techniques, this child exclaimed to his friend who was was working on the opposite side of the easel, “Look! Look! I made green and it’s got a swirl! I mixed blue and yellow! I knew it! It’s green and some blue and some yellow!” To listen to the conversation and hear the delight in this child’s voice was absolutely beautiful! @joannebabalis, @creative_explorations, @creativeplayideas, and I invite you to share children’s moments from your own atelier as we celebrate children’s expressions within the arts. #ctinquiry #cti_thearts #reggioinspired

“The arts are about the qualities of human experiences. Through music, dance, visual arts, drama, and the rest, we give form to our feelings and thoughts about ourselves, and how we experience the world around us. Learning in and about the arts is essential to intellectual development. The arts illustrate the diversity of intelligence and provide practical ways of promoting it. The arts are among the most vivid expressions of human culture.” ✨ Book and quote shared by @k.smith.art Love her artistic & creative feed Sounds like a must read! ❤
#ctinquiry #cti_thearts #creativity #creativeexpression #artmatters

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