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Court Ney  More protein than sugar.


Thanks for having me today White River!!! Best of luck at state this weekend! @cait_carr

Garth- Seahawks- and my first pair of cowboy boots! Team Whoop Whoop! @chase_lam

Fun few days with @whitmanvolleyball !! Excited to see what's in store for this squad over the next three weeks! #impact #legacy @helmmdmh

Thinking of you Catano!!! Humbled and grateful for this community that helped us #giveitback to Catano while having some fun on the court today. @uprising_volley you have outdone yourselves as usual!!! @giveitbackfdn @tamamiyashiro @aforsett

When a kid you coached this summer gets up on a Sunday morning and drives to Mukilteo just to donate to the cause. Catano we're with you!!! @trin.taylorr you are a wonderful soul!!! #giveitback @giveitbackfdn grateful!!!

If you're around tomorrow come hang at @uprising_volley with me from 11-1!!! We're having a clinic and silent auction with all proceeds going to Catano Puerto Rico!!!! Come have some fun and help us #giveitback @giveitbackfdn

With the help of @aforsett and our team at the @giveitbackfdn we have set up a fund page on our website. Giveitbackfoundation.org link also in profile. 100% of all donations will go to the people of Catano, 80% of which lost their homes in Hurricane Maria. We are grateful for any amount you are able to contribute as well as for passing the word along! As a volleyball community I hope we can rally around our neighbors in this time of need. Puerto Rico we are with you, Catano we are with you! @gov1007 @usavolleyball @usavwnt @kimjayehill @krobin32 @kaylabanwarth @tamamiyashiro @nataliehagglund @kellymurph12 @karstalowe @napela @nmf5013 @nicolemdavis6 @christadietzen @toridixon06 @laurenpaolini @rachaeladams @aglass1_6 @aklineman10 @carlilloyd3 @aprilrossbeach @alfee19 @folukea @bown_heather @catdailey7 @christalengle @_cdonahue @lgibby5 @drgmvp @_kristinhildebrand @emilyhartong @osajana @mja5041 @chrisjmcgown @mistymayvb @nelliecoleman @staffordslick @urango @typeezy

Our hearts are with our dear friends from Puerto Rico tonight. The city of Catano, where @aforsett and I and several other Americans were fortunate to play for over the years, have been devastated by Hurricane Maria. If I learned anything from my time playing for their team and their city, it was that the people of Catano are resilient, as tough as they come, and they'll fight for their neighbor. Catano we are gonna fight for you! In the works of organizing support both financially and with supplies. If you're interested in helping in any way- send me a message and check in tomorrow for a link where you can donate. Puerto Rico has been a huge part of our volleyball community and I hope we can step up for them in a time of need. Catano we are here and will help in as many ways as we can!

Grateful I got to explore the Sunshine Coast. Beautiful country- wonderful people! #timeforfall #lastsunburnoftheyear #cominhome!

Scarier than I thought it'd be! Hello fear... nice to see you again. #ajhackettcairnes #bungybmx #newworld #macdad'llmakeyaJUMPJUMP

Unda da Sea! Unda da Sea! Darling isss betta down where it's wetta- take it from MEEEE! #findingnemo #scubasteve

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