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LENARD  For business inquiries contact karen@kkentertainment.com

I have unlocked all levels of judgmental auntie swag. This that aunt you dread seeing because she sees through all your bullshit and can tell that even tho you lying saying that you live alone, you been shacking up with Rodney son Rome, but you love her because she hasn’t lied to you not one time and she lets you drive her 2014 Range Rover one Saturday a month but you better bring it back on F even tho she gave it to you with a quarter tank of gas in it. She is also very petty and refuses to lend your mama (her sister) money to pay her phone bill because she still mad that she told your mama (her sister) not to marry your broke ass, deadbeat daddy back in 2008 and she feels like paying her phone bill will interfere with whatever lesson GOD is trying to show your mama (her sister) at this time. AMEN and Happy Kwanzaa.

Please note it’s the holiday season and the scammers is out convincing you to buy shit that you really don’t need. No matter how hard you fight one of them will be so convincing that you will get got!!!! SMH. Full interview with @rayj on @breakfastclubam @youtube page now!!!

Water signs that clearly drink a lot of water. That Cancer ♋️ glow different!!!! It’s the holidays so we smiling right now but we’ll find something to cry about later!!! 😂 #lalaswinterwonderland

Over the past 8 years this man has been responsible for a lot of legendary moments in @breakfastclubam @power1051 studios. Happy Bornday to the spirit that is @DMX and never forget when he blessed us with the greatest holiday jingle of all time.


This is one of those pics I’ll post and it will be a bunch of comments saying I’m 5’2 totally disregarding the fact that the person I’m standing next to is 6’8. Anyway Peace to the God @carmeloanthony #lalaswinterwonderland

Ladies talk to me. Do you enjoy a reformed thug???? @briannaperry says that’s what she likes. If you agree with her how many felonies is too many??? Let’s discuss. Full interview on @breakfastclubam @youtube page now!!!!

I’m pretty sure this is the only person who can get me to pull up to the Bronx after dark. I Had to come support the family!!! It’s a blessing to be a blessing and that’s exactly what @lala is doing with her annual #WinterWonderland event!!! Salute @girlsinc 📸 @killfear

#FortuneCookie out now!!! Salute the Young Queen @briannaperry for pulling up on @breakfastclubam

This was before social media. What kind of strain are people putting on their relationships now by sharing all their business????

“What’s Free?????” Happy Bornday to the good brother @marclamonthill

Sammy Davis Duval been sitting on this one for some months now. Another hit just waiting in the chamber. Always remember Favor not Fair and GOD told me to tell y’all this fight is fixed!!!!! #PullUp

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