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Suburban update - it’s onto the little things (which are really more big things). The park brake mechanism has been modified to clear the tail shaft, shift linkage has been built, and now the exhaust work begins. The collector flanges on the LS7 manifolds didn’t clear the narrow frame rails, so I cut them off for the necessary clearance. In their place, I made a oval to round 90deg turn to get to a easier geometry. A V-band flange will go at the end of the tube, and I’ll reblast the manifolds before putting them back on.

Plugging away on my dad’s suburban - I’m a long time user of @macstiedowns‘ Pivot, so I picked up their LS adapter plate when this project started. It makes setting an engine and trans extremely easy! I also got a head start on the new engine and trans mounts using some universal @welderseries mounts. Then we pulled everything back apart to lay down a new coat of satin black in the engine bay before installing the crossmember for the final time.

Made some good progress this weekend, especially considering we took this to Cars and Coffee Saturday morning. The front suspension should be out this time tomorrow.

My dad brought his suburban up yesterday - deconstruction starts today

After a slight detour (missed turned, climbing baseball sized rocks, etc), we managed to get back on the Oh My God route of the #hotrodhillclimb Reliability Run without taking out any oil pans.

I think the nice days are numbered in Michigan, so we took the roadster out for a drive this afternoon.

*UPDATE - I'm out of M and 2XL* I recently had @jeffhotrod whip up some artwork with the 5w, and just got a small batch of black t-shirts done. If you're interested in one, I have L and XL available for $20, plus $5 shipping in the US. PayPal is the easiest - PM me!

Got lucky on a local Craigslist score the other day. The ad was for a set of brakes off a '39 Ford.....

#sbs to two years ago when @southcityrodandcustom came out to help me chop the 5w. The chronological photos reflect that weekend well. Photo #1 depicts Bill demonstrating the task at hand. Photo #2 captures how the same person should've cut either the front OR back. Photo #3 (well into the long weekend) is telling of Bill's frustration of agreeing to this idea, and/or the indigestion from that Shop Towel burger we had the night prior. What a memorable weekend!

It's no secret as to its location, but I've somehow not made it down to Zora's last home in Grosse Pointe Woods. @awtaulbert and I finally made the trek across town to check it out.

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