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CTAOP  The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project invests in African youth to keep themselves safe from HIV


Meet new CTAOP grantee @agahozoshalom - The Agahozo Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) is a residential community for secondary school youth in Rwamagana, Rwanda that combines family, education, healthcare, and enrichment to foster emotional and intellectual growth. CTAOP’s pilot grant aims to enable young people, especially girls, to find their own solutions to gender inequality and HIV/AIDS through empowerment and adolescent health services. This is the first project of its kind in Rwanda and has the potential to inform policy around sexual and reproductive health and rights. | photo by @agahozoshalom

Meet @dramaforlifewits: CTAOP is the lead funder for the ambitious DRAMA FOR LIFE (DFL) 'Knowledge Unzipped’ which is designed to combine UCLA’s successful @uclasexsquad program with DFL's existing arts-based programming. This project engages youth and communities in a health program rooted in local context and culture.  They harness the power of personal storytelling, peer to peer relationships, and arts as a language to break down walls, reduce stigma, and start honest community dialogues around sex, gender, and the complicated social environment that South African teens face today.
Photo Credit: @dramaforlifewits

For the past three years CTAOP grantee, @salesian_life_choices (a Cape Town-based social enterprise), has celebrated South Africa’s National Youth Month with a ‘30 Stories in 30 Days’ campaign. This June, Life Choices will continue their tradition and share a different young person’s story each day to highlight the resilience and power of youth.
You can show your solidarity with youth by joining the #YChallenge - Step 1) Take a picture or video of yourself in the shape of a Y (symbolizing youth), Step 2) In a few words, tell the world “Why you believe in youth", Step 3) Post on social media, using #YChallenge and TAG @salesian_life_choices. “Y” not?

Meet Small Projects Foundation: CTAOP supports Small Projects Foundation (SPF), a community program that operates in the Eastern Cape - one of the areas most in need in South Africa. SPF reaches young people in multiple ways with the combination of sexual and reproductive health education in schools, job training workshops for youth, peer education, community outreach, and adolescent-friendly health services training for clinic staff. | Photo by @leigh_page1

Meet WhizzKids United: CTAOP provides general support to KwaZulu-Natal based WhizzKids United (WKU), a youth focused organization that reaches young people through clinical services, outreach programs, and leadership development program ‘On the Ball’. Central to the organization’s efforts, WKU’s Health Academy in Edendale is an adolescent-focused clinic that is also a FIFA Football For Hope Center. | photo by @leigh_page1

Meet the Department of Social Responsibility: CTAOP supports the Department of Social Responsibility (DSR)’s boys and girls clubs in some of the Eastern Cape’s rural villages. The groups help empower youth to make healthy and safe choices around their sexual activities and lifestyles, while learning how to take action to mentor younger adolescents and bring positive change to their communities. #genendit

Meet dlalanathi: CTAOP supports dlalanathi’s “Youth Process,” which is a three year program that empowers adolescents in communities surrounding Pietermaritzburg to become proactively involved in the success of their future, the future of their peers and of the greater community.

To all involved, thank you for such a beautiful CTAOP event this weekend! We are forever grateful for your support and continued belief in the work we do. -Love, Team CTAOP | @laurawbush @james_chau @charlizeafrica #chrismartin

Happy #FreedomDay South Africa 🇿🇦

Meet HIVSA & @Choma_mag: CTAOP is the primary funder for HIVSA’s innovative project Choma, a mobile phone “magazine” targeting young women and girls throughout South Africa. Choma provides these young people with interactive and relevant sexual and reproductive health information through the use of social media and mobile phones. This year, CTAOP is partnering with @PEPFAR and HIVSA to bring the fundamentals of the mobile app to life through the creation of Choma Dreams Cafés - safe spaces located at 50 community-based organizations and schools that will reach 12,000 adolescent girls. This project will set up girl-friendly youth hubs and provide links to health services, both in the physical space and online via Choma Magazine.

Meet @salesian_life_choices: Life Choices is based in Cape Town, South Africa. CTAOP supports Life Choice’s Health4Life program, which provides sexual and reproductive health counseling and voluntary HIV testing services to youth in schools and communities. Health4Life focuses on providing programs that promote physical, mental, and social well-being.

Over the next several weeks we will be introducing all of CTAOP’s grantees. These are the amazing, community organizations based in South Africa that anchor our efforts - our expert partners on the ground! Without them, fulfilling our mission wouldn't be possible.
Film by @starkeycares & @changeforbalance

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