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CTAOP  The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project invests in African youth to keep themselves safe from HIV. ALL donations go through our official website

This fantastic photograph is of Bongani, one of @dflwits‘s PGDA (Post-Graduate Diploma in Arts) alums. In the program, students create solo performance pieces that speak to the theme of identity. This forms part of Drama for Life’s unique training which encourages Applied Arts students to consider their own relationship to current social and health issues and find a way of expressing it through performance.
In this picture, Bongani was addressing gender as a social performance. Bongani bravely performed the piece at a busy student centre on the Wits University campus. #dramaforlife #ctaop #appliedarts

“It won’t be easy, but I believe the youth have the power to ignite social change” - @CharlizeAfrica

The CTAOP logo, to us, represents the power of a ripple effect.  We believe that everything starts with just one small action which trickles out wider and wider. Change can happen with just a single initial gesture. We’ve seen it happen! #logo #ctaop #smallactsofkindness #rippleeffect

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The WhizzKids United (WKU) School Team Bus is a FREE service offered to all primary schools and high schools in the Edendale Community. The service allows principals and teachers to refer students who they have identified as being in need of WKU’s health services. Schools contact WhizzKids United and arrange for the students to be picked up and brought to the Academy through the School Team Bus Service.

Students are picked up at the start of the school day from class and driven to the Health Academy where they are taken on a tour, introduced to staff, health services and educational programmes. Then they attend a group health talk followed by a one-on-one counseling session with the trained youth-focused staff. All students then enjoy a nice meal before being driven safely back to school. Through the Team Bus, students get access to health services that they previously would not have been able to travel to.

The vibrant ladies of @helpastudent15 ’s girls clubs
#Repost @helpastudent15 Off to girls planning meeting for clubs we are hosting focus groups for planning activities that the girls will be doing this year in their communities also to hear what they feel will suit their communities ....nothin is nicer than a little selfie moment #helpastudent15

#FBF to this fun moment at @agahozoshalom during our grantee trip earlier this month. We stumbled upon this impromptu dance routine during our walk around the village. We wish we were this cool in high school...

Like Charlize, @trevornoah is a proud South African who is invested in giving back to his home country. He brought a unique perspective to our 2017 program trip since he actually grew up in communities very similar to where some of the grantees work. Here is a clip from our mini-documentary of Trevor translating the thoughts of a young woman during a youth summit organized by our partners at the #smallprojectsfoundation. The full mini doc is available on our website or youtube channel. PS - if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and check out Trevor’s book (and soon to be film) ‘Born A Crime’ - it is his hilarious yet poignant reflection on growing up in South Africa.

In the US over the past month, we have continued to witness what is possible when young people take the reins. ・・・ Repost @charlizeafrica

Meet Lewis Mizen, Suzanna Barna, and Kevin Trejos. They survived the deadliest high school shooting in U.S. history in Parkland, Florida, and have made it their mission to make sure something like this never happens again. I am beyond inspired by all the work these kids have put into the effort to end gun violence and I’m so honored to stand with them and support their cause. #NeverAgain

All of the programs that we fund are at the heart of what we do - they are trailblazers doing the hard and important work on the ground. We LOVE spending time with them, as we did this month, and seeing first hand how they are making a difference keeping young people in their communities safe from HIV. To learn more about our amazing partners, head to our website (link in bio). #fbf

You could attend the Tully premiere in LA & see the incredible film from @charlizeafrica, @jasonreitman & Diablo Cody before anyone else. Go to omaze.com/tully to enter! Entries support CTAOP’s efforts in empowering youth to stay HIV free ✌️

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