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Carling Talcott-Steenstra  🏡 🇺🇸 | ❤️ 🇩🇰 | 😍 👯 corps de ballet - Royal Danish Ballet

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When your sister surprises you & pops by on her way home from Egypt 😍✨🤗👯🍻 Thanks to @stbrandon @olekassow & my whole family for keeping this a secret! #mikkeller #sistersister #surprise #allthetechnology

I hardly ever buy roses, but for some reason this week I did. I looked up the meaning behind white roses (I never know that stuff) and it turns out they can symbolize both new beginnings and remembrance -- which seems like an especially appropriate choice at the moment 🌹💕 #savnerdig #love #flowers

Learning how to propagate succulents -- we took clippings from my wedding bouquet and set them on some soil. They've grown these amazing little rosettes and taken all the nutrients from the pieces. I've become totally obsessed with taking care of them (and probably doing it wrong but learning a lot in the process 😝)...time to get rid of the dead bits and let the new life grow on its own, but there was something awesome about seeing this moment of life and death. 🌱🌱🌱
#succulents #newlife #propagation

hygge time 🥃 #intime #frederiksberg

got inspired by Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman's social media love of puzzles and picked one up for ourselves today -- of course we chose "Big Cats" 🦁🐯🐱 #puzzlesandbeer with some #rufuswainwright

been a minute since I spent some time in Christianshavn 💙 #københavn

To the guy who took goofy prom-style wedding photos with me, taught me how to shotgun a beer & play Magic, has the sickest dance moves around, makes me laugh so hard I cry, has held my hand through some of the darkest times in life, and continues to surprise and challenge and show me what real love is on a daily basis: this Hallmark holiday might be fifty shades of weird but I'm the happiest mess on the planet knowing you're my Valentine for life. Happy Valentine's Day, everybody 💕❤️💕 #valentines #love

🕺🏻a Brandon in its natural habitat 🍻
#mikkeller #longlivedeath #søndagshygge #mancave

Zelda Fitzgerald said it best: "I'm so damn glad I love you – I wouldn't love any other man on earth – I b'lieve if I had deliberately decided on a sweetheart, he'd have been you." ❤ #oneyear married to my best friend 💞