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Carson Gregson  everybody wants to change the world but no one wants to die


this summer was rad

I thought the little cliffs in Idaho were crazy until I went to Zion

call me big papa bear cson

home of the kong kone

sometimes you gotta fool the fool to make them think they're fooling you
pc @kj_brown_

"Everybody wanna tell me what I am, what I am not… Tell me what I am and what I know now all this prejudice has got to go"

thanks for the pic @jenalycious

i know @jenalycious

do re mi fa so done with you

Let me tell ya, it wasn't a coincidence that we left for vacation right before it snowed☀️

Don't worry about where you are in life, worry about where you are heading.
Thanks for the pic @kj_brown_

Some things are worth the risk.

Payton happy birthday bro! Thanks for being such a good friend. We've had so many good times doin flips, car-spotting, and freakin about about twenty one pilots... now we're bigger about logic. Thanks for being like my best friend! @paytonlassiter ( pc @kj_brown_ )

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